October 30th, 2003

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magic night rayearth Vol 1-6 w/ memorial book. $5 per book or $25 for the set... memorial book not for sale unless you buy the set.

Mai the Psychic Girl vol. 1-3 (perfect colection) $8 for all 3

lupin the third vol 1 and 2. $4 per... $7 for both

Gunsmith Cats - Mistys run $4

Saria 1 and 2 $4 per... $7 for both

Ragnarock Vol 2 and 4 $4 per $7 for both

Shaolin Sisters Vol.1 $4

She The Ultimate Weapon Vol.1 (japanese) $5

Maico 2010 Vol. 1-4 $4 per... $13 for the set

Scryed Vol. 1 $4

Rave master Vol.1 $4

Alien Nine Vol.1 $4

Demon Dairy Vol. 1 $4

Pokemon Manga. 1-4 $3 per. $10 for the set. (ok this one is a little different... three of them are in manga form... but #2 ..."pikachu shocks back"... is in comic book form... there are only 4 books in the story so the story is there... its just some of them are comicbooks not manga... the comicks are in pristine condition so its all good... i hope...)

anime interviews the first five years of animerica $5

all of these are mangas... cept the last one which is a collection of interviews with manga-ka's... all prices are negotiable... unless i get a lot of responces at once items will go "first come first served... " if i get more than one offer at once i will sell it to the person who contacted me first...tho i will contact the other person and ask if they would like to pay more... i am trying to MAKE money here... all my contact info is in my Bio.... if you have qustions E-mail me... i'll get back to you ASAP

Edit: i cant belive i forgot about shipping.... shipping is going to be a flat $4 for anything... if you buy a lot of it we can talk about it... but i really dont want to have to haggle about it...


Newbie here

Things to sell:

Viz Media company:
Viz comics:
Ranma 1/2 vol 4.6 -5.2, 7.7, 8.12-8.13($1 each)
Inu Yasha vol 2.5($1)
Animerica EXTRA:
vol 2.1, 4.4, 4.6-4.7($4 each)
vol 9.4-9.6, 9.10/11($5 each)

Mixx media/Tokyopop company:
Vol 1.1-4.2 (whole set $45.. each issue $2)
*2 copies of 3.1*
Vol 2.6,3.10 ($3 each)
Mixx manga:
Moble Suit Gundam Wing #2 *2 copies*($2 each)

Central Park Media Group:
CPM comics:
Project Ako 2 vol 1-2($1)

Super Mario Adventures Graphic Novel($10)
Legend of Zelda($10)

Chibi-pop Manga vol 2.1 ($2)

contact nikki at bashmentgyal2002@yahoo.com

and yes.. i'm willing to negotiate prices
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