November 6th, 2003

rabuuu (artwork by bakemonokun)

Ebay items, November 5th

I've put a few of my magazines up for bid on ebay.

First up, I have two issues of Kera, from October and November of 2002 up for bid.

Both issues are in great condition, as they have done little more than sit on my shelf since I got them.

The next is a lot of 4 magazines, and while they are not Japanese magazines, they all have articles in them relating to Japanese culture in some form.

The lot includes Newgrave 1, 4, 5 and Gothic Beauty 9. If these do not sell on ebay, and someone wants just one of the issues, I'll probably post them up again.

Also up for bid is my Vampire Princess Miyu Official Soundtrack, I am assuming from the TV show.

I have other items up for bid, so feel free to check those out, but they really don't belong here.

I'm still hemming and hawing on the whole issue of selling any of my REAL important Japanese stuff, but...

If anyone wants a copy of Pierrot's neo grotesque single, the Get backers version, I'll sell it to you for 5 dollars plus shipping costs. Just comment here, or email me at if you are interested.

Ok thank you baibai now. :D
hay guyz!

Garage sale! <3

hey I'm selling as much of my anime stuff as I can. I've compiled a list and have made everything as dirt cheap as possible since I want to get rid of it. Please take a look. You'd all be doing me a GREAT favor by helping me get rid of this stuff. I just might have some stuff you'd want too. ^^

If you see anything from the list you want then please e-mail me with a list of what you want so I can supply you with shipping costs and my address.
(also it's first come first serve. If something you want was already bought by somebody before then I can't sell it to you)

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