December 12th, 2003

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I'm selling some random stuff. Email me for a price/ more info. Or you can just offer me something.

spirited away-
This is a DVD I bought in china. It has Japanese and cantonese language options, and English, traditional Chinese and Japanese subtitles.
It is all region. The full movie is on the DVD and the subtitles are accurate, they're probably more accurate than the subtitles on the Disney release. I watched it a couple times.

Onegai Teacher vol. 1 and 2
Volume 1 and 2 of Onegai Teacher. This is the english version.

Trigun Maximum Manga vol 3-5
These are the Japanese language versions of this manga.

Trigun- the $$60,000,000,000 man VHS
This is the first VHS of the Trigun series. Episodes 1-4 It is dubbed and the edges of the box are a little banged up.

Trigun- Lost Past VHS
The second VHS of the Trigun series, episodes 5-7 but the factory messed up on this printing of the VHS box and it has the episodes listed as 1-3.
Don't worry though, it's just their mistake. It is a dubbed copy and the corners of the box are slightly damaged.

Vampire Hunter D VHS
This is a dubbed version of Vampire Hunter D. The box is a little banged up but nothing too bad.

I got tons of these charms when I was in Hong Kong last summer.
But I have a lot of duplicates so I'm just going to sell them.
another pic
more pics
last one
I'll sell them seprately or together.

Yugio framed wallhangings
Really nice quality mini-posters of Yugioh. I don't watch the show so I have no idea who the other characters are ><
And sorry about the glare on the picture, but they're so shiny.

Someone earlier was asking about Japanese movies, I have some I'd be willing to give up.
Email me if you're looking for something in paticular, chances are I have it.