December 14th, 2003


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Welcome to Astareal’s Holiday Moving Sale!!

This is a list of manga and anime that I don’t have room for anymore. Contact info and instructions are at the end of the post. Please email me if you would like a more detailed description or pics, or have any questions. Happy hunting!

~*~English Manga~*~
$7 each:
Marmalade Boy 1-8
Peach Girl 1-8
Peach Girl Change of Heart 1-4
St. Tail 1-7
Wish 1-4
Angelic Layer 1-5
Chobits 1-8

Sorcerer Hunters 1-13: $8 each
Ceres: Celestial Legend 1: $10
Fushigi Yuugi 1-8: $10 each
Aqua Knight 1: $10 (slight dent on cover)
Aqua Knight 2, 3: $12 each

~*~French Manga~*~
$5 each:
One Piece vol 1
HunterxHunter vol 1
Clamp School Detectives 1-2
Rurouni Kenshin 3-5, 7-18 (I have #6, just need to look for it)

~*~Japanese Manga~*~
$4 each:
Gomen Asobase 1 (early Yuu Watase)
Inu Yasha 11
Bakuretsu Hantaa (Hunter) 1-2
Fushigi Yuugi 12
Wedding Peach 4
Aa Megami Sama (Oh My Goddess) 11
Kanon 1-6 (full series, by Chiho Saito, about a girl who plays the violin and is searching for her famous violinist father, plenty of romance and intrigue, little furigana…Chiho writes for the big girls ^_^)
Koi Monogatari 1 (Chiho Saito)
Kanshaku…(can’t read the rest, by Arina Tanemura)
Full Moon wo Sagashite 1 (Arina Tanemura)
Andante 1 (Miho Obana, of Kodocha fame)
Ayashi no Ceres 1-14 (whole series for $50)
Sailor Moon S Anime Books 1-3 (all three for $10)
Hino Rei/Sailor Mars Official Handbook (same as the “Meet Sailor Mars” put out by Tokyo Pop, except w/ shiny silver writing ^_^)

RG Veda 1,2,6-10: $5 each

Love Hina Bilingual Manga 1-4 (put out by Kodansha): $8 each

~*~Video Sale~*~
A great way to pick up something cheap to see if you like it before spending all that money on DVDs…or if you just don’t want to shell out that much cash!

Commercial Subbed:
Ranma 1-2 Outta Control: Great Eggspectations $5
Wings of Honneamise $5
Fushigi Yuugi OAV 2
Reflections $10
Memories $10

Commercial Dubbed:
Sorcerer Hunters 2-6 $5 each
Cowboy Bebop 4-5 (2 eps per tape) $5 each
Shamanic Princess 1-3 (whole series) $5 each

Neon Genesis Evangelion vol 1-12 (some subbed, some dubbed, I didn’t have any trouble with switching back and forth, it’s a good dub, even though I usually hate them!)

I paid for shipping and the price of the tapes, this is much less than what I originally spent. Only watched once or twice.

Decent to good quality (watchable, just not 1st generation): $3 each

Bakuretsu Hunters OAV (mature themes)
Mamotte Shugogetten (eps 1-4)
Vampire Princess Miyu vol 1
Ayashi no Ceres (eps 1-4)
Fushigi Yuugi 1st OAV (2 tapes, 3 eps) $4 for both
Revolutionary Girl Utena vol 5 (eps 14-17)
Rurouni Kenshin vol 1-16 (4 eps per tape, goes a bit past the Kyoto arc)

Great quality (as in, straight from the subber or 1st generation)
These are really good quality tapes, with extra durable casing: $4 each

St. Tail (eps 1-4)
Akazukin Cha Cha (eps 1-4)
Inu Yasha (eps 1-4)
Card Captor Sakura Movie 2 (the one where Sakura has to admit she loves Li! Aww…)
Kodomo no Omocha (or Kodocha) vol 1-8 (4 eps per tape, direct from Kodocha Anime!)
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne vol 6-11 (4 eps per tape, direct from Sachi’s!)
Sailor Moon S season (ten volumes, $25)
Sailor Moon SuperS season (ten volumes, $25)

Please email me with your requests:
Let me know what you would like and your zip code so that I can find out how much shipping will be, and I’ll get back to you with a final price and my address. I will reserve a series for the first person that claims it, but someone who wants a whole set may get priority over someone who wants to pick and choose volumes from that series. I can only accept money orders and (well-concealed) cash. I plan on using media mail or whatever the cheapest shipping is unless you tell me otherwise. Also, I’ll try not to charge shipping for fansubs unless it ends up costing a bunch. Thanks for looking! Have a great holiday season and good luck on finals if you’re taking them!