December 27th, 2003

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I come with an offer to help everyone use the wonderful money they got for Christmas! ^___^ I have a lot of japanese manga and stuff that I feel isnt getting enough attention so I am selling it. Going to try here first and then will go to ebay (along with more manga I will dig out) which is more of a hassle so this is much better to try.

Japanese - 4$ each
-Utena #2-5 1
-X #1-2 3
-Excel Saga #4-5
-Flame of Recca #17-23
-unknown manga #16 (in case you're interested _-_)
-Ranma 1/2 #24
-Kenshin #5
-Escaflowne filmbook #2
-Card Captor Sakura card book
-Clover #1
-Kare kano #3,5-6,12 7,8

Nakayoshi magazine #11 and #12 of 1999 (has card captor sakura in it) - 5$each

Ciao magazine #5,6,7 of 1999- 5$ each

Sailor Moon Super S movie

Nakayoshi magazine 3 supplements (they're small but very good) all of which have Daa! Daa! Daa! in them

Sho-Comi magazine #8-10 1999

Meet Sailor Moon book - 3$

All the things are in good condition from a manga-loving home. ^^ They have all been read.

Please comment here or email me at if you want to buy something. Shipping will be determined when zip code is known because is very comfusing unless one definitely knows the two zip codes. I accept payment by cash (concealed), money order or check.

Thank you! =)
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