November 30th, 2004

Friends A.F.R.I.K.A

stuffies again XD;;

^_^ okay.. I have one last sale post XD; go me!.. I added a few things, I'm trying to get more Christmas money. e.e cause I feel bad for my friends that I feel like I'm not being good to. So, pictures are at request.

I have some random Jrock stuff (Miyavi single, Duel Jewel key chain and some other), Anime (Princess Monoke, Tenchi DVD), and manga's (Snow drop, pretear)

all iteams are just mine my sister has nothing in this one XD;; cause I get so confused.

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I'm relisting a lot of this stuff because people never got back to me or emailed me or sent payment. I wait the MOST 2 weeks for payment ONLY if I know payment is on it's way or we've made arrangements. I can accept paypal (non credit card unless you are willing to pay the fee), money order or concealed cash. Please leave a comment or email if you are interested or have a question. Shipping will depend on where you live and combine shipping is available. PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER ON ITEMS. ^.^ Thanks.

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please...just buy my crap

Well I'm back again. All people that I held stuff before is no longer on hold. I'm sorry, I just can't hold the items anymore.

I cannot hold any of these items either. I'm in need of money at the moment. Anything being held more than a few days cannot be done. Sorry.

As always I accept paypal, cash, and money orders. Email me at Thanks.

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Please offer prices, I'm very reasonable. I just want the stuff gone.

Also, once again, if anyone or anyone you know is a collector of porclean dolls, please contact me. ^^
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... i still have these items for sale!

english mangas!

Ragnarok $5 shipped!
Marmalade Boy 1-4,6-7 $6 each or $40 shipped!

Anime Region 1 dvd US release (unless noted)

Gate Keepers vols. 1-3 R1 dvd (Pioneer) $15 each

Sakura Diaries vols. 1-4 R1 dvd (ADV) $14 each

Real Bout High School vol. 4 R1 dvd (Tokyopop) $10

The Vision Of Escaflowne 3 dvd set (all-region) $30 shipped! -- i think this is honkong dvd but it's
dual language (japanese and enlish) and has english subtitles
it's also like the US release (particularly the voices)

***Anime VHS tapes (all dubbed and original licensed) $3 each
Ayane's High Kick
Perfect Blue: The Director's Cut
*Tenchi Muyo In Space 1-3
*Tenchi Muyo: The Last Battle

GateKeepers vol. 4 vhs tape (dubbed) in very good condition and kinda brand new! $6 shipped!

Princess Mononoke playing cards $4

and some pictures available here and the list of other items for sale!!! >>> <<<

...let me know if you want something... thanks!

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only one left

(no subject)

Hello, I'm looking for Psycho le Cemu's Frontiers pictures. I would like full pictures or any good quality pictures of their costumes. I'm looking for a fair price for these. Thank you for your time :D

(no subject)

I am looking for following things: (If you have them I will pay for them or trade)

Fruits basket 2+4 on dvd
any fruits basket stuff other than the books
hello kitty stuff
chro crusade stuff.


Fruits, Jrock, Anime, Manga, +++ FOR SALE!

i am willing to negotiate prices if you want to purchase more than one item so that your shipping is less instead of the shipping based on the per-item system i have here. please, if you're interested in ANYTHING talk to me! thanks again!

i will also trade for some dir en grey, kagrra, mucc, other japanese clothing-- just talk to me!

much of the manga rarely comes all together for a good price!

if you want any photos, please e-mail me ( or IM me (miyavilicious)!

- mythwear neko-chan messenger bag ( ) little to no wear, originallly $30-- ($25 inc. shipping)
- large tripp nyc black shirt-- VERY JROCK/good for jrock cosplay/gothic lolita cosplay -- hard to find now! the shirt is a button up/collared shirt with pleather cuffs and pleather shoulder straps and three pleather x's on the chest-- if you want a picture e-mail me ($25 inc. shipping)

- original japanese E's manga-- just volume 1-- ($6 inc. shipping)
- original japanese mononoke hime manga full set, hard to find -- volumes 1-4 ($23 inc. shipping)
- original japanese silver hero full set, hard to find -- volumes 1-5 ($23 inc. shipping)
- IMAGE magazine featuring nadesico (cover), excel saga, FLCL, amon, and more-- original japanese ($15 inc. shipping)
- ANIMAGE magazine featuring card captor sakura (cover of sakura and yuki- i think that's his name), hunter x hunter, infinite ryvius, and more-- original japanese ($15 inc. shipping)
- original japanese XXXholic manga-- volumes 1+2-- ($18 for both inc. shipping, $10 each inc. shipping)
- angel sanctuary laminated poster -- ok condition (small pinholes, but no major damage)-- ($4 inc. shipping)
- weib kreuz laminated poster -- ok condition (small pinholes, but no major damage)-- ($4 inc. shipping)

- a lumen lunae watercolor notebook, hard to find ($13 inc. shipping)
- FRUITS postcard full set 40+ postcards, hard to find ($40 inc. shipping -- originally $45+ tax)
- revolutionary girl utena black rose saga large "movie" sized poster -- folded from magazine -- full cast ($7 inc. shipping)
- small evangelion plastic pencil board/post card with shinji, misato, and pen pen-- ($3 inc. shipping)
- small hunter x hunter post card -- ($2 inc. shipping)
- two angel sanctuary photographs of jibrielle + setsuna, kato, and kira ($4 inc. shipping)

- nadesico dvd-- volume 2 contains 4 eps. eng. + jap. lang. ($13 inc. shipping)
- armitage : dual matrix -- movie, eng. only ($10 inc. shipping)

- l'arc en ciel CD-- ark -- case is slightly damaged but cd and booklet is fine ($15 inc. shipping)
- weib kreuz CD-- TV animation soundtrack -- case is slightly damaged, but the inside is fine ($13 inc. shipping)
- serial experiments lain CD-- bootleg -- case is slightly damaged, but inside and cd are fine ($15 inc. shipping)
- lucifer (seen as Aucifer) CD single -- carnation crime -- case is slightly damaged but cd and booklet are fine ($10 inc. shipping)
- earthian CD-- complete vocal collection -- perfect condition ($15 inc. shipping)
- hellsing CD-- hellsing original soundtrack : RAID -- case has some scratches, but otherwise perfect condition ($13 inc. shipping)

Please look! ^___^

Please help my favorite BBS/radiostation/person in the world ( ) by buying her fun PGSM things on eBay! (Luna plushies, Sailor Luna doll, Sailor Tambourine and more!)

Other Sailormoon things will be listed soon! See pictures here:

We need the money in order to keep our BBS server and Japanese radio station running. Thanks so much for looking!