December 3rd, 2004


yo! just wondering if anyone could give me any leads on some Bathing Ape clothing. i wanna get a shirt for my friend but haven't had much luck in just finding decent online stores. any help is much appreciated, thanks.
Friends A.F.R.I.K.A

:O~ last postie XD

Otay~ so o_o; my last sale post go me confused and some people never replied after the first comments they made, and I don't like to sale things to other people if someone else seemed interested first (e.e; so I got confused XD and so I'll put up what's still here ) The prices on Manga's went up a dollar because I'm sweating shipping but I think that's it (its still five if you asked for them in the old post):

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Yoshiki Request!

Hi >^.^< I am an avid donator of cash to many people who sell stuff here, but today I come with a request. A friend of mine is a die hard Yoshiki fan and she has been looking for a Yoshiki poster for a few months now with no luck. Do any of you have one and would be willing to sell it for a decent price or does anyone know any sites where she could purchase one and have it shipped to the states?

Thank you for your time
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Looking for?

Heya Kitties,

Does anyone have any Newtype Magazine Promo DVD's for Sale or Trade? Also looking for reasonably priced Anime collections on DVD, show me what you have. To make things easier, I don't want the following ones as I already own them:

-Final Fantasy Unlimited
-Nuku Nuku EP 1
-Saint Seiya EP 1 + Pretear EP 1
-Panyo Panyo Digi Charat EP 1
-Media Blasters Series Sampler

*Hugs & Sparkles*
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Ending today~!

The following auctions will be ending within 2-6 hours from the time of this post:

*JUST BRING IT! LIVE TOUR 2002 photobook
*MOON CHILD photobook
*LIVE L'Arc~en~Ciel Documentary photos of the live tour & backstage photobook
*LIFE L'Arc~en~Ciel Private scenes at Hawaii,New York & Switzerlandphotobook
*TOSHI: Beyond the Moment photobook
*TOSHI & Ryuhei Kawada Seven Days (ぼくらが語りあった7日間) photobook, [photographs done by TOSHI, words by Kawada]
*1997河村隆一 {natural} photobook
*pure soul" TOUR '98 VHS
*HIT THE WORLD GLAY Arena Tour '97 at Yoyogidaiichitaiikukan VHS
*VIDEO GLAY 2 VHS [1. More than Love, 2. Yes,Summerdays, 3.GURORIASU 4.Ikiteku Tuyosa 5. Zutto Hutari de...]
*mugen no deja vu DOCUMENT OF "BEATout!" TOURS VHS
*The Message manga

Also, poster[2 different auctions, same poster style] and tour pamphlet from recent GLAY THE FRUSTRATED ~extreme~ tour.

Please take a look if you are interested in any of the above items!

Thank you~! =^_^=
[Firefly] e_e
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I'm looking to buy Sailormoon uncut on DVD. I want the first two seasons in the official releases, but what I REALLY want is Stars on DVD -- the fifth and last season. Anyone want to make me an offer?

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I was thinking, for next week's auctions I would make some Engrish/Japan style arm warmers. But I'm worried about how they'll sell, so if anyone would be interested in something like that, any comments would be appreciated. Please check out my current auctions here
Don't know much about Engrish? Check it out here