December 6th, 2004

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Anime DVDs for sale

All DVDs are R1 licensed releases (no bootlegs), $15 unless otherwise noted, shipping not included. If you're interested, email me at my gmail address, windscythe. I have manga for sale as well, but I don't have the titles with me at the moment. I accept Paypal and money orders.

-Corrector Yui 1-3
-Witch Hunter Robin 6
-Brigadoon 1
-Gravitation 4
-Inu Yasha Special Limited Edition (discs 1-3) with calendar - $25
-Kai Doh Maru u1
-K.O. Beast 1
-S-CRY-ed 1 with box - $25
-S-CRY-ed 2-3
-Slayers TRY boxset - $60
-Dangaizer 3 1
-Spirit Warrior (Peacock King) 1
-Cardcaptors 1
-Twelve Kingdoms 1
-Love Hina Spring Movie
-Love Hina Again
-Kiddy Grade 1 with LE box - $25
-Kiddy Grade 2-8
-Bubblegum Crisis 2040 1-6

-Love Hina Movie box (empty) - $15
-Fruits Basket metal Paul Champaign box (empty) - $25
-Bubblegum Crisis 2040 LE metal box, numbered (empty) - $25
-Ceres Celestial Legend metal Paul Champaigne box (empty) - $25
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Malice Mizer ^^

I'm selling 5 beautiful pictures with Malice Mizer, official pictures from the Klaha-era.
Every picture is 26,5x37 cm and that's like 10,6x14,8 inches I think *grins*, anyway they're quite big!
They are in mint condition, though the cover in plastic is bruised.
Aand, since I've posted this in quite many forums and stuff, I'll take offerings about the price, starting at 20 USD. The cost includes all five pictures.

Some pics (though the quality is really, really bad since my digicam sucks):

If anyone wants better pictures, just let me know!
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visual indies items

selling more items! this time I have vidoll (ヴィドール) signed glossy photos. These are limited glossy promotion photographs of vidoll, featuring the original band line up, two of them SIGNED by the band! see a scan

I also have rare gazette (ガゼット)glossy photo-stickers! see a scan

best offer gets them!

plus Miyavi 1st press CD+DVD with bonus items, up at ebay!
ebay: tokio-chan
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Make reasonable offers. PAYPAL ONLY. NO TRADES.

Ayashi no Ceres manga (japanese) vols 4,5,6,9,10
Matantei Loki 1 (japanese)
Tokyo Babylon 7
X 18
Utena film book 4 (japanese)
One Piece 23 (japanese)
Tramps Like Us 1
Kenshin pencilboard
Tamaki Nami promotional US poster
Full Metal Alchemist promotional US poster
L'arc en ciel promotional US poster
Morning Musume - maki's grad official vhs
Morning Musume - love machine official vhs
Escaflowne the Movie drama Earth
Me - On the Moon

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CDs, Artbook, and Tapes

-Sailor Moon Super S Tapes: $4 each or $15 for set
-Final Fantasy X-2 Visual Arts Collection: $15
-Final Fantasy X Domestic Soundtrack: $5
-Maho Tuskai Tai! Magic Users Club Soundtrack: $5
-2 Princess Mononoke Soundtracks: $5 each

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Selling cheap before I put up on ebay. I accept payment via Paypal, money order, or concealed cash. Also, willing to trade for any items listed here. Shipping for any one item is $3.50. Will combine shipping for multiple items. Email me at or comment here.
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a little help... onegai..

i am looking for the person who posted here HANA KIMI 1-3 english mangas for $14... if you still have them, pls. e-mail me... i'd love to get them. and also here's some of my wish list:

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if you have them cheap for sale or if you want to trade that'd be great! lmk!

Sale/Trade List

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