December 7th, 2004


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Does anyone happen to have a copy of Room Paradise magazine they'd be willing to sell me? I think it would make a perfect Christmas present for my friend, but I can't seem to get my hands on one...

Any help would be appreciated. :) Thanks very much!
Leehom - can't touch this

buy buy buy

Hey. i still got these to sell. Please buy. =]

$5 each (shipping not included), all in great condition
Confidential Confessions #3
Model #1
Model #2
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) #1
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) #2

Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) - Dead Ringer Episodes 1 - 5 $8
Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) - Lost Boys Episodes 6 - 10 $8
Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) - Midnight Finale Episode 21 - 25 $8

Digimon The Movie $5
Cardcaptor Sakura - Friends Forever Episodes 9 -12 $5

Jerry Yan's album $10
Audio cds of the F4 Hong Kong concert $7
F4 - Meteor Rain $10 in excellent condition
F4 - Fantasy 4ever $10 in excellent condition
Dicky Cheung - I (Am Not) Dicky $6
Dicky Cheung $8
Boy'z (bootlegged - 2 albums worth of songs) $7
4 in Love (bootlegged - 2 albums worth of songs) $7

Gravitation soundtracks and maybe dvd
Gravitation plushies especially Kumagaro (argh, can't spell it!) - it's the pink bunny that Ryuichi has
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A have a little request ^^

Does anyone have Kill me : Kiss me Manga volume 3 and 4 for a good price? In English please ^^;

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Items...a slight change in plans

I posted on Sunday some items that I was getting rid of, and I just wanted to update on which items are still available. I decided I'd keep the Codename: Sailor V manga because it's just too darn cute to part with. It's a reprint of the original, and the cover they have for it is just delicious! Sorry guys, but it's been a long time since I've curled up to an original manga (and pages upon pages of translations).

However, these two are still available.

Eerie Queerie! (US Version) - $7 + shipping: The first volume of Eerie Queerie, in pretty good condition, slight wear and tear due to reading (hey, I liked the manga). The front and back covers are bent, but the pages are otherwise in tact.

Alice 19th (Original Version) - Make an Offer: The very first volume of Alice 19th from beloved mangaka Watase Yuu. It is in excellent condition, still in it's plastic wrapper and untouched. For those who are interested in keeping with the original versions, this is a keeper!!

Also, because my magazines sold well (they're all gone, I can't believe it, thank you!), I'm going out after Christmas to buy more magazines. Teengirl, JJ, Ray, Zipper, Seventeen, some nail art mags, and hopefully J-Rock magazines, you name it, I'll get it (sorry, unless you want me to order it off the internet for you, Shoxx, Kera, and some other magazines are not available). If you have a request, comment here or email me at Also, I'm getting tons of candy and stuff too, so if want, make a request, and I'll get it for you. Add me to your friend's list if you are interested in getting future items from me (since it seems like i'll never get my domain...sigh...)
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Hey all! I've got some manga up for grabs. PLEASE BUY *3* ?

Marmalade Boy 1-8
Angelic Layer 1-2
Chobits 1 (a bit worn out)
Video Girl Ai 1 (cover has a fold), 4
Confidential Confessions 2
Kare Kano 1 (cover has a fold)
Kodocha 1, 2
Real About High School 1

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 5-18, 20
Tokyo Crazy Paradise 4-6

If anyone would like to trade/perhaps sell these (for CHEEAP TvT;) , I'm looking for...

Basara 5+
Demon Ororon 4
Revolutionary Girl Utena 4, 5

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Hello! I'm selling stuff to pay off bills and help will holiday shopping. Up for grabs are manga and DVDs I had previously on hold for people but that never went through. I have some things put on Ebay that I will give links for. Everything else I have listed here is up for offers for a few days and if I receive none, will be put on Ebay shortly. Everything is adult owned, kept in a smoke free environment, and in great condition.

Links to photos and such for the 'up for offers' items are under lj-cut. Thanks for looking!


Fruits Basket/Furuba Manga Lot 1-4 Tokyopop

X/1999 Viz 1-14 Lot

Revolutionary Girl Utena 1-5 Manga Lot

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for sale/trade!

english mangas!

Ragnarok $5 shipped!
Marmalade Boy 1-4 $25 shipped!

Anime Region 1 dvd US release (unless noted)

Gate Keepers vols. 1-3 R1 dvd (Pioneer)
Sakura Diaries vols. 2-4 R1 dvd (ADV)
Sakura Diaries vol. 1
Real Bout High School vol. 4 R1 dvd (Tokyopop) $10
The Vision Of Escaflowne 3 dvd set (all-region)
**i think this is honkong dvd but it's
dual language (japanese and enlish) and has english subtitles
it's also like the US release (particularly the voices)

***Anime VHS tapes (all dubbed and original licensed) all prices of these includes shipping
Ayane's High Kick $5
Perfect Blue: The Director's Cut $7
*Tenchi Muyo In Space 1-3 $4 each
*Tenchi Muyo: The Last Battle $4
GateKeepers vol. 4 vhs tape (dubbed) in very good condition and brand new! $6 shipped! and has the limited item id tag for kaoru

Princess Mononoke playing cards

and some pictures available here and the list of other items for sale!!! >>> <<<

...let me know if you want something... thanks!

by the way, before i forgot, here's my wish list >>> <<<

aim: khulukhai1986
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