December 10th, 2004


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A lowly English teacher in Asia trying to make a buck, that's me. If you are interested in authentic, still in the wrapping, straight from Japan, all in Japanese manga, please contact. I have:

Angelic Layer #1
Gundam Seed #3
x/1999 #1
x/1999 #2

Price is $15, including shipping and all, assuming you live in the US. England might be more. I will take payment in the form of purchasing a gift certificate for me at
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ccs kero plushie - $7


FFIX soundtrack- $34.99 [ what i paied for it prettymuch because its NEW..and literally only played once.]

FFVIII soundtrack- $100+ [this is the rare long out of print box version] excellent condition.

rouge-  -312604806-  -$15 [comes in kool blue jewel case]

tanpopo- their first album... $7



more soon **


buyer pays for all shipping charge

Gurren Lagann - Yoko x Kamina

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I requested that when the paypal payment for the posters cleared that you then sent out an e-mail saying when you were going to ship the items. It cleared on the 30th of November and I sent an e-mail the next day asking if you had shipped the item or not yet. I still haven't received a reply and I'm slightly unsure if you check that e-mail so I'm posting here asking if you've sent the item or not or even if you have the slightest intention to anytime soon.

I'd really appreciate some feedback here since I'd really like to know if I'm getting the posters anytime soon.

I'm sorry to be spamming everyone's pages with this.
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Last time posting it up!

Still have Cardcaptor Sakura DVD. Both movie 1 and 2, and can play in both English and Japanese, and has subtitles including English and probably other(Not Sure). Played Once, might STOP ONCE, BUT ONCE ONLY! Please bid for a resonable price. I'll take anything and I only ACCEPT MONEY ORDER OR WELL CONCEALED CASH AT UR OWN RISK.
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