December 11th, 2004

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items for sale. shipping and handling included.

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remember, all shipping is already included. i can accept well-concealed cash, or paypal. i need money to buy presents for my friends badly!! i tried taking good pictures but my phonecam sucks *tear*. comment and specify what you're interested in and leave me your email and how you'd like to pay. thanks!!!

Trade or for sale.

1-7 of chobits dvds. I love them but they are collecting dust. I am asking ($15.00 dollars for each dvd or50.00for all.)Theses are region 1 dvds.. (english and japanese dual) I have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

I will trade them for
fruits basket stuff
fruits basket dvd volume 4
anime plushies
snoopy stuff from charile brown
anything DIY anime wise (escially fruits basket)
chobits plushies
or anime dvds
Inyuasha stuff

will only make you pay 5.00 dollars for shipping
I prefer paypal or moneyorder
pictures will be given on request
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Quick sale!

Hello! Some stuff on sale. Need some funds for my trip to Japan.

For a quick sale:

1) Hakkai plushie $10.00
2) Kougaji plushie $10.00
3) Goku plushie $10.00
4) Princess Blade DVD $15.00
5) Onmyuji II movie $15.00

Let me know if you are interested. Money should be in by December 16th. Money orders, well hidden cash accepted. Sorry, no paypal at the moment. Questions? E-mail me at ayonoi @ (w/o spaces!)
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