December 13th, 2004

[RH] the smirk

Stuff for sale

Here is some of the stuff I have for sale:


Dragonball Z vol. 7
Dragonball Z vol. 8
(dbz $5 a piece or $10 for both with shipping)

Revolutionary Girl Utena vol. 1 - $5
Juvinile Oricon vol. 1 - $5
X vol. 1
X vol. 5
X vol. 7
(X $5 a piece or $15 together)


Angel Sanctuary - $10 (with shipping)
GTO - 3
GTO - 9
(gto $10 each with shipping or $20 together w/shipping)


X wallscroll - $15 (with shipping)
link of what the scroll looks like from another site....

Aya drawing (done by me....and if anyone would like a something else in particular I am taking up requests)
link to drawing....
$25 (with shipping)

I am willing to negotiate prices....and email me if you want pictures (don't have webcame will scan) if need to see...everything in excellent condition.

Love and Peacea!

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(no subject)

I have two (2) copies of Gackt's Sixth Day album. I am selling them for $23 USD each, excluding shipping. They are brand-new, still sealed. Mint condtion. If you are in the USA, shipping is about $5 USD. I will ship internationally, but the shipping will be a little higher. If anyone is interested, please leave a comment here with your e-mail address and what country you live in. Thank you.
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Allie Adult

Anime on sale

Hello again everyone! Just a few things on sale. Prices include shipping.

*Kino's Journey Box Set w/DVD #1 and special keepsake plate-$20

*Sakura Wars OVA series $15

*Gravitation Box Set w/DVD #1 $20

*Voices of a Distant Star DVD $10

I'm considering selling my Fake and Demon Diary complete manga sets. Depends on if someone makes me a good enough offer and if I can bare to part with them.

Thanks for looking! I'm willing to negotiate prices!

Also, is anyone interested in doujinshi? If so, please list what series and what pairings. I also have to clean out my doujinshi collection. Thanks again!

EDIT:I'm taking the FAKE and the Demon Diary manga sets off the table. I was collecting them so I could sell them, and as I was flipping through them, I realized that I really can't stand to part with them. Sorry if I got anyone's hopes up.

One the other hand:

*Infinite Ryvius DVD 1: Still sealed and in mint condition. $12 plus shipping.

I'm also willing to trade. Just make an offer.
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