December 14th, 2004

Allie Adult

New items on Sale. Doujinshi too!

Okay, changed some of my items and lowered some prices. Everything includes shipping. All DVDs are Region 1.

Kino's Journey DVD vol.1 $12
Voices of a Distant Star DVD $12
Sakura Wars OVA 3-Disc Set $15
Infinite Ryvius DVD vol.1 $12
Gravitation DVD vol.1 $12

I'm willing to negotiate prices, and I'm willing to trade. Just leave me a message.

Also, for those of you interested in doujinshi, please look at my partner shop:

If you don't see anything, then just leave a request and I'll see what I can do. Thanks for looking!
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I've got to pay the bills, so I'm cleaning out my shelf of anime and Jrock stuff.

For sale:

Saber Marionette J: VHS, subtitled. Volumes 5-8, episodes 14-25. $5 a piece, or $20 together. Excellent condition.
Saber Marionette J Again: VHS, subtitled. Volumes 1-3, the whole series (six episodes). $5 a piece, or $15 together. Excellent condition.
Nazca: DVD. Volumes 1-4, the whole series (12 episodes). Each DVD has a lot of fun bouns material, as well. $10 a piece, or $40 together. Excellent condition.

Weiss Kreuz - Gluhen: CD, not the new anime, but a collection of songs from the seiyuu group. In good condition: obi is missing and the case shows just a little bit of wear. $10.
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X-JAPAN - Symphonic Blue Blood: CD. Orchestral remixes of X-JAPAN's BLUE BLOOD album. Good condition: case is a little worn, but obi is still intact and the CD is fine. $10.
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Thanks a bunch!
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