December 15th, 2004

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Looking for....

i am looking for the person who posted here HANA KIMI 1-3 english mangas for $14... if you still have them, pls. e-mail me... i'd love to get them. and also here's some of my wish list: (i don't have much money $$ because of the upcoming holiday but i really want to have these especially the mangas.... ^_^)

My Wish List!

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What I have for Trade/Sale!

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Various Anime for Sale/Trade

Well, it's official. I am poor. I have to get money. So I need to sell some of my anime. Here's the list and price. All DVDs are in exceptional quality. You can see an Excel sheet with the Bar Codes and condition all here: along with a picture of it all.
All DVDs are Region One (R1) US releases bought from Suncoast. Near EVERYTHING is mint.
Here's the list with asking price. I will haggle a LITTLE bit, but I have already marked the movies WAY down. Shipping is $5 dollars.

Read more to see the list and contact info:

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