December 17th, 2004

  • rikatan

Gackt Magazines for Sale~!

Hi, first time posting in this community. Dozo Yoroshiku~! (^-^)v
I plan to sell some of the Gackt magazines which i don't want to keep anymore.

If you are interested, drop me an email at, state which magazine you want, which issue, where are you living (so i can go to post office and calculate the shipping charges) etc. If you live at Singapore and plans to meet at Orchard etc to complete the transaction, it's fine with me.
As i only have one copy of each magazine, it will be based on "first come first get".
I also don't accept cancelled orders, such as if you have already emailed me which items you want and at later dates, you told me that you won't want it anymore, i won't accept that as it won't be fair to other buyers who wanted the same magazines. Payment methods are by paypal or cash (send on buyer's own risk if by mail, and seller is not reliable for any loses mails).
All magazines are wrapped with a plastic bag to protect it. I only have browsed them a few times so most of them are in good condition (to me :p) If you have any enquiries, feel free to email me.
If for some reasons you can't view the pictures, please go to this link.

If you are scared that i'm not reliable seller, you can check out my profile at ebay. My ID is rikatan. The reason that i didn't put up auctions is that i haven't started yet. It may be weeks or months later. As i will be busy with my projects next week so i put up the pictures here and sell to my friends who are interested. And ebay procedures are quite confusing to me sometimes and i don't wish to bring all magazines to the post office as it will be too heavy for me.

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