December 19th, 2004

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Quickie Digimon item search!

I'm looking for some Digimon items! I have quit my DBZ search (even though I found a lot, but with a limited amount of money . . .), and decided to search for Digimon cards instead!
I'm mainly looking for the Digimon anime cards (English, Japanese), not the TCG cards! Also, if anyone has any of the metal Digimon cards from 2000 (the ones from Taco Bell) or knows someone that is willing to sell some, please comment! I am trying to collect these as well as the anime cards!

Thanks for your help! Pictures would be helpful, if available! I'll post pics of the packages that the cards came in, if I can find one . . .
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More stuff for sale, and some old stuff too. Everything is region 1 unless otherwise mentioned.

Tokyo Babylon OVA
Kino's Journey DVD 1 (art box by request)
Gravitation DVD 1 (can come with art box by request)
Sakura Wars OVA 3-DVD Set ($20)
Voices of a Distant Star DVD
Infinite Ryvius DVD 1 (still sealed)
Please Teacher Complete Series (this one is a Hong Kong DVD) $15
Moonchild DVD, featuring the J-Pop singers Gackt and Hyde (from L'Arc~en~ciel). Bootleg, but with excellent subs.

For sale or for trade, depending on what you have. Prices are $10 each unless other wise marked. Ask me for shipping. All prices are negotiable.

Thanks for looking!