December 21st, 2004

ahito inazawa!

Selling two japanese rock magazines on eBay

I'm selling the May 2002 issue of Shoxx as well as the November 2001 issue of B-PASS. These should be of interest to anyone who's into japanese rock or visual-kei.

Bands featured in Shoxx: J (former LUNA SEA bassist), PIERROT, Psycho le Cemu, cali=gari, Plastic Tree, Fanatic Crisis, Dope HEADz, Laputa, dibs, wyse, rice, Due'le Quartz, JILS, Kagerou, Baroque, MUCC, Kagrra, Waive, Syndrome, Aioria, ElDorado, deadman, Blast, Fatima, Shulla, and many more.

Bands featured in B-PASS: GLAY, Hyde, PIERROT, Porno Graffiti, cali=gari, Janne Da Arc, CASCADE, Fanatic Crisis, Do As Infinity, Bump of Chicken, and many more.

Here are the auction links:
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I am the founder of - if you want to eat, drink, listen, watch or learn more about Japan, we got it. While all the other sites can carry the "wacky" stuff for extremely high profits. We have a genuine interest in underground and unique Japanese culture. I just wanted to list a few of the things we have:

Vermillion Pleasure Nights ($37.25) - Late-night Japanese comedy show.

Casshern ($48.99)

Kyouki no Sakura (Madness in Bloom) {$19.99)

White Coffee (Milk Coffee) ($2.50)

ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) - Deranged Angel ($12.99)

We have an hell of load more snacks drinks,, dvds, music, and educational Japanese stuff. You'll find your pocky, pretz, and pocari, but expect to uncover a lot of new stuff about Japan pulp and pop culture
panic attack!

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some random things to sell

tokyo babylon vol 1
shutterbox vol 1
lament of the lamb vol 1

battle royal II official book (novel?)
Has a few chapters of japanese text
info and pictures of each character/weapons/props
and random info
book+dustcover in mint condition


some sailormoon/dbz/FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST trading cards and pucca plush HERE

I have some shiina ringo/OLIVIA cds, anyone interested?

you can e-mail me at delirious.asian [at]