December 23rd, 2004

Olivia - Dancing on your pain (miphileg)

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silentsecret428 - do you still want the Schwarz Stein Artificial Hallucination CD? I haven't heard from you and I haven't received payment and it's been almost 2 weeks. You can email me at - please, let me know, because if you don't there was someone else who was interested.
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cardcaptor stamps

Card captor rare sakura stamps for sale US$35 ... very rare.. i have no picture, but if you need details- just ask~!!

they are wooden stamps - one is of kero berros as kero chan..another is sakura herself and third is tomoyo. I need money.. i wanted to sell these at $40.. but $35 might entice some people... please comment if interested.

buyyer pays for all shipping costs.

i use paypal only because it is safe

Anime posters for direct sale

Each of these posters measure about 38 x 52 cm, I'm guessing that's an A3 size. All posters have been used but are in a good condition. I'm selling them each at US$1, or SG$1.50 for local buyers. Buyer to pay all postage costs including the postage tube. I'd suggest buying more then one poster for overseas buyers, because just one poster isn't really worth the postage costs ^^ I accept Paypal for overseas buyers and bank transfer for local buyers. Posters are from the following series:

-Prince of Tennis
-Full Metal Alchemist
-Samurai Deeper Kyo
-Hikaru no Go
-Get Backers
-Dear Boys
-Full Metal Panic
-Megami Kohousei
-Shaman King
-Weiss Kreuz

I do not offer insured shipping overseas. Postage costs will be determined after you confirm that you want to buy the poster(s). Please note that they will be shipped out from Singapore.

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Feel free to ask any questions. =) Thank you for looking!