December 24th, 2004


katte itadakemasen ka

Hello everyone! Happy Holidays! Since I got home for winter break, I realized just how crowded my room is, and therefore, I have lots of manga, DVDs, and merchandise that I know you all want, since I don't anymore. Prices are very negotiable, and I will give discounts for large purchases. Shipping will be around $1 a book or DVD, and possibly less for things like stickers - I'll give you a much more definite amount after you tell me what you want. I accept PayPal (including from credit cards), money order, personal check (I'll wait for it to clear), and concealed cash. My e-mail address is kioku_soshitsu at hotmail dot com.

Italicised items are claimed. Also, I forgot to mention, but I have several of the manga samplers and a few sampler DVDs that I'll toss in for free if anyone wants. Or if anyone has any specific preferences...
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Yaoi Paddle

Wonder where all those ppl get there yaoi paddles? well i have one that i bought for no apparent reason and i want to sell it ill see who wants it and everyone can start bidding until it stops i guess xp

i wanna start at around $40 not including shipping and handling click the link for pics

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Does anyone has Alice 19th for a low price they would like to sell? I mean the whole set would be fine, but I will take individuals as well.
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