December 27th, 2004

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Anime (DVDs)
    - The Twelve Kingdoms Vol.2 : $15
    - Ceres: The Celestial Legend Vol. 1 & 2 : $15 each or $25 for both
    - Psychic Force : $15

Manga (all English versions)
    - Gravitation Vol.5 : $7
    - Fushigi Yugi Vol.1 & 2 (Vol. 3-6 SOLD) : $7 each or $40 for all
    - Ceres: The Celestial Legend Vol.1-5 : $7 each or $30 for all
    - Dragon Knights Vol.1 : $7
    - Slam Dunk Vol.1 : $7
    - Gundam Wing Vol.3 : $7
    - Gundam Wing: Ground Zero : $7
    - Seraphic Feather Vol.1 : $7

    - White DragonBall Z shirt (Size Large) : $12

Shonen-ai Doujinshi
    - *Inital D : $9
* I'm not sure of the title or the author, but does it really matter? It's shonen-ai

I accept PayPal (which means credit cards too), money orders, personal checks, and well concealed cash. Shipping (individual and combined) is avaliable to anywhere; will be calculated at your request. Please
comment here or e-mail me if you are interested/have a question.
Thank you for looking! ^_^

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Hello! I'm also selling the following :

Card Captor Sakura Artbooks
(Special selected 82 Illustrations by the staff of CCS, Illustrations include jacket of CDs and videos, posters and cover pages of magazines)
Cheerio! 2
(Over 80 illustrations selected by the staff of CCS, including the first movie - also includes a poster and interviews with 5 key animation supervisors)
CCS Complete Book
(A complete guide to the second CCS movie -- Includes a poster and postcards)
CCS Complete Book 2
(Includes a story digest of all 24 eps of CCS: The Sakura Card Arc, interviews with the main cast and staff, official artwork, storyboard, related software, etc. -- Includes a poster and postcards)

The Complete Books are in perfect condition.. the Cheerio! artbooks are a litte bit aged
I've scanned the books Collapse )

I'm also selling the whole second season of Buffy on DVD (still sealed) for $25
lucifer luscious violenoue

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Hi ^^, I'm new here, and I was wondering if anyone sells any magazines, postcards, flyers or cd's related with Lucifer Luscious Violenoue...I would be very interested in buying them,


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Still on sale

Some things still for sale. Prices include shipping.

Kino's Travels DVD volume 1 $13
Voices of a Distant Star OVA $13
Please Teacher complete series (HK DVD with good subtitles) $16
Moonchild DVD featuring Gackt and Hyde (HK DVD with good subtitles) $13 SOLD
Shonen Jump manga anthology volumes 1-23 $40

Prices are negotiable (talk to me! I want to get this stuff off my hands, especially the Shonen Jump). I would prefer to ship in the US, but if you live elsewhere, just tell me. I accept Paypal, checks, money orders, and concealed cash. Please contact me with any questions.

Thanks for looking! Trades welcomed!