December 28th, 2004

OT Sailor Moon sales/trades

Well, I noticed how alot of people are always asking in different places about Sailor Moon stuff for sale or trade. (No matter what, if its live-action or the anime.. anything.) So I have made a community that is dedicated to selling and trading Sailor Moon items from the live-action PGSM, anime, manga or seramyu musicals. Just post what your selling, name, email and country. Or if you want to post links to official stuff on ebay, go ahead. You may sell bootlegs, just please note that they are bootleg items. So lets head over to </b></a>

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(no subject)

Hey guys, I just wanted to thanks everyone for the feedback within my last post. I've spent the last week attempting to improve upon what you guys suggested. Additionally, I spent a lot of time researching and adding new products and wanted to drop another post.

Student Essentials Pack
The Think Tokyo crew knows the joys of being a Japanese language student. Thats why we've put together the "Student Essential" pack, the things you need to not be another "otaku freak," and prove that you are serious about the language. With so much study material you'll be dreaming in Japanese in no time. $75.95

Fruits No. 90 $11.00

The Happiness of the Katakuris (Overseas Version)
Nothing brings family together more in MIIKE Takashi's world than the pursuit of success, happiness and oh yeah the dead people in the backyard. The Happiness of the Katakuris is an oddly funny tale... $19.98 [ Theatrical Trailer (Windows Media Video) ]

Pocari Sweat
Pocari Sweat, probably the best know of all Japanese drinks. Some of us know it because of its "crazy" engrish. Others due to the prolific and idolized nature that cyberpunk authors have contributed toward Pocari Sweat. Regardless, Pocari is simply an amazing ion supply drink! $2.50


I'm so poor...

Please take a look and if you see anything you like comment here or e-mail me: I accpt PayPal, Money Order, or well conceiled cash at your own risk. All prices are in USD and do not include S&H- that will be factored in once you have contacted me. Pictures of items are given by request. Thanks!

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got music?
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I still have the following for sale! And if you want to trade i'm very open to that... just send me your list ok? i'm looking for english manga, anime cds, anime dvds only in region 1...etc! But if you have these for sale/trade let me know too!


Battle Royale (english mangas)
Battle Royale dvds
Hana Kimi
Girl Got Game 3+
Kill Me Kiss Me 3+
DNAngel 4+
Eternity 2+
X TV Series vols. 5,6,7,8 (and the slipcover for vol.2)
Maaya Sakamoto cd
Vampire Princess Miyu vol.6 dvd (R1 only)
Ceres 3-5,7-8 dvds
Kare Kano 8+
Lament Of The Lamb
Evil's Return 3+
Saikano 1-4 dvds
Rahxephon 1-7 dvds

For Sale/Trade!
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i have a question

Hello. I am new here, how are you all?
When my friend went back home, she gave me all her stuff for free. But since I am not a fan of jrock, I want to get rid of them. Unfortunately the local used cd stores will not going to accept them since it is not in English or something.
So do you guys know where I can get rid of these junks? or any stores that will take them in?
I can't throw them away because she specifically asked me not to. If any of you are interested in buy them, that is fine too.
Here is the list of the junks if anybody's interested.

my email is
Thank you in advance
Leehom - can&#39;t touch this

(no subject)

Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) - Dead Ringer Episodes 1 - 5 $10
Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) - Lost Boys Episodes 6 - 10 $10
Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) - Midnight Finale Episode 21 - 25 $10

Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) #1 $6
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) #2 $6

Digimon The Movie $5

Cardcaptor Sakura - Friends Forever Episodes 9 -12 $5

I also got cpop that I really wanna get rid of:
Jerry Yan $10
Audio cds of the F4 Hong Kong concert $7
F4 - Meteor Rain $10 in excellent condition
F4 - Fantasy 4ever $10 in excellent condition
Dicky Cheung - I (Am Not) Dicky $6
Dicky Cheung $8
Boy'z (bootlegged - 2 albums worth of songs) $7
4 in Love (bootlegged - 2 albums worth of songs) $7

I also got a red Hello Kitty sticker book with stickers already inside. No pics, sorry. guys...I love this community XDDD

Here is my first "for sale/trade" list. I left blank the prices for things I didn't know what to charge. I might make those trade-only, or include them with another purchase. *shrug* Not sure yet.

Will provide pictures upon request. Eventually I hope to just have a picture for everything. (Within the next few days, hopefully...)

Selling/trading posters, manga, anime, cards, used magazines, and little things.

I'll accept Paypal, checks, and money orders. If you don't live in the US...I'd better check and see what I have to do to send your item overseas before I say I'll ship to you. I don't care about making money, but losing it is something else. ;_;

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Will trade for/SEARCHING for the following...
-Ouka Ranman

-(Vampire) Scream

Tommy February6
-Tommy Airline

And anything REMOTELY related to...
-Lareine or New Sodmy

-Kanzaki, Marry+An+Blood, or Ribbon

-T.M. Revolution or The Seeker

-Malice Mizer, Rentrer en Soi, and any other Visual kei stuff

-Revolutionary Girl/Shoujo Kakumei Utena

-Gothic-Lolita, especially things suitable for room decorations
Atsushi; hands
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Jrock, anime, and final fantasy items

I cant keep alot of stuff for longer, since I still need to pay off my debts at school, and do alot of stuff. Being a senior in highschool sometimes sucks. ._.;

Anyways, I'm selling a few things. The only method of payment I can recieve is cash. I lost my ID a while back and havent had the time to go get a new one so I can't accept money orders or checks. I'm sorry. If you're still interested, please leave a comment or email me at hizumi [at] gmail [dot] com. All shipping prices are within the US.

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Thank you for looking <3
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