December 30th, 2004

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Happy new year!

Visual Kei Doujinshis!

nyooo mah friend is selling some doujinshi (Jrock ones, erm.. PIERROT/Diru, GACKT, and GLAY/PENICILLIN haha)

PLS Check them out!! :D : << glay/penicillin << gackt/Malice Mizer/ MoonChild << Pierrot/ DIr en grey XDDDDDDDDD
Cry wolf cry crazyweazulicon cred

Much for sale

Trying to raise money to start paying back my college studen loans as well as have some pocket cash to go out towards California for a month. As a note all US based sales will have a flat fee charge of $5.00 for Shipping and Handling. Anyone outside will be a $7 - $10.00 charge based on the weight of the item and country to ship too. I prefer paypal but Postal Money Orders are also good.

You can reach me via email at

Sorry if some of the images are huge...... @_@;;;;

Sailor Moon Items
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Pokemon Items
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Ranma 1/2 Items
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Card Captor Sakura Items
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Final Fantasy Items
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Non-Anime Related Items
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That's all for the moment. Will post more items when I can. O_o I'm also trying to help my boss clear out some store invitory so if the price is high please understand.

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