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Updated selling list

Hey all!

I simply do not have room for all this stuff so its gotta go! 
I have manga, anime, JPOP, JROCK up for sale at m selling journal! I do have LJ feedback scattered around randomly since I shut down my old selling journal when I started college. The following and more can be found at my LJ sales journal (and uploaded pictures over there instead of making this a huge post).
Yukiru Sugisaki
Brain Powered ol. 3 - $3 - [Rare and Out of Print; Thumb crease on front, shelf wear - otherwise Good Condition.]
DNAngel ols. 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 - $5 each
    [Vol 8. has a crease on the lower right hand corner of the back cover - $3.50] 
Lagoon Engine ols. 1, 2 - $5 each 
Rizelmine $7
Candidate for Goddess ols 3, 4, 5 - $7 each or $15 for all three - [Good condition]

Duklyon Clamp School Defenders Vols 1, 2 $8.50 each, or $16 for both
Suk Vols 1, 3 - $8.50 each
Magic Knight Rayearth II ols 1-2 - $7 each
**[Vol. 3 - a cousin damaged this book so I'm willing to give it for free should the first two be purchased together
Tokyo Babylon ols 1, 2 - $6 each
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle ols 12 + 14 [Vol 14 has some pen indentations on the back in lines; Purchase of both for $7 + S/H and I will include for free Kurogane keychain]
Shirahime-Syo $3 [Pencil puncture on back; otherwise good condition] Out of Print
Watashi no Sukinahito $12
X/1999 ols 1, 17, 18 - $7 each
BECK ol. 1 - $4
Immortal Rain ol. 3 - $4
Dream Sag Vol. 1 - $2 [Damage to front cover - paper peeling off]
Saint Tail ol 3, 7 - $8.50 [Rare and Out of Print]
Ultra Maniac ols 1-3 - $5 each
Tokyo Mew Mew ols 6, 7, a la Mew 1 - $5 each
Kodocha ols 4, 6 - Rare and Out of Print - $8.50 Each or $16 for both [Minor shelf wear/age wear]
Girl Got Game ols 1, 3 - $2 each, $3.50 for bot
Fruits Baske Vols 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12 - $5 each volume
**Limited Edition Collector's Box holds Vols 1-6: $15 w/ DV not ncluded, but if any 3+ volumes are purchased I will let this go for $8**
Bleach Vols 1, 1, 2, 4, 5, 5, 6, 14, 16,18 - $3.75  each

I also have the full set of Absolute Boyfriend in Chinese. FREE! Just pay shipping!
**I'm listing these things separately because I know some people only want the posters, not the CD's**

Anna Tsuchiya Brave Vibration Single [First Pressing w/ Bonus Photo Booklet] Factory Sealed - $15
CDJapan Bonus: Album Poster - $4 - arrived slightly crushed through the center; can be sent folded 

Anna Tsuchiya Taste my xxxremixxxxxx!!! Beat life! CD+DVD Digipak Factory Sealed/Security Sticker on back of plastic wrap - $28

Ayumi Hamasaki Guilty CD Jacket B [First Pressing w/ Bonus Photo Booklet] Factory Sealed - $40

SHINee The Second Mini Album (Romeo) Japan Version [First Pressing w/ Bonus Photo Card] Factory sealed so member on card is unknown - $25

BUCK-TICK Heaven, First Press Played once/case slightly scratched - $8.50
CDJapan Bonus - Poster - $10

D'espairsray HORIZON [Regular Edition First Press]  $15
CDJapan Bonus - Poster $10

Pilot Candidate The Complete Collection $20
Saint Tail ols 2, 3 4 Episodes 4- 11) - $12.50 each or $23 for both
Le Chevalier D'eon ols 1, 5, 6 - $12.50 each or $30 for all three [5/6 = New, Vol. 1 paper slip slightly worn]

Haruhi Suzumiya ol 1 Boxset -
for $35 - [Does not include Haruhi iron-on; Box bends inwards on one side but is easily straightened out when other dvd's are placed inside; includes pencil-board and headband]
for $43 - I will include the Geneon CD's Hare Hare Yukai Single CD + Ryoko Asakura Character CD [BOTH PLAYED ONCE]

Noir DVD Vol. 1 - $5 - [Heavy wear on disc but still plays well]
Noir AniMini DVD 1 - $1 ***NOTE: Only plays on certain players ie. NOT SLOT INSERT PLAYERS AS DISC CAN JAM***
PVC Keychains

Meryle Strife of Trigun $1
Asuna Kagurazaka of Negima! $2
Kurogane of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles $2
Winry of Fullmetal Alchemist $1.50
Shippou of InuYasha $1

**I have a ton of Shoujo Beat magazines, MOST WITH THEIR "FUROKU" STILL AVAILABLE. It's just too much of a hassle to upload and list all of them - if interested, just ask what volume you're looking for and I'll take a look!**

Cookie Magazine - 03/12 - Includes Nana furoku [April 2012 - April 2013 Calendar] - $15

Taste of Chaos 2008 Program SIGNED BY MUCC AND D'espairsRay $35

Taste of Chaos MUCC Poster SIGNED BY MUC - $20 
D'espairsRay (Rockstar Taste of Chaos 2008) White Towel SIGNED BY D'espairsRa - $40

D'espairsRay (Rockstar Taste of Chaos 2008) Large Concert Tour T-Shirt SIGNED BY D'espairsRa - $55

All items unless otherwise stated are in "Like New" condition. I really just need to get rid of these items as I will no longer have room for them. Feel free to PM or leave a comment. I use Paypal (with fees), accept concealed cash, an am willing to haggle n some items - so don't be shy to ask! I can also provide some feedback from recent sales. I'LL BE ADDING MORE ITEMS SOON, PLEASE CHECK BACK!
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