January 2nd, 2005

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I'm currently selling/trading:
-Fushigi Yugi vol. 1 second edition
-Pet Shop of Horrors vol. 1 & 2
-Ranama 1/2 vol. 1 second edition
-Between the Sheets
-Love Hina vol. 1

Is anyone selling:
-Paradise Kiss vol. 3 in original purple covers
-Blade of the Immortal vol. 8+
-Lone Wolf & Cub vol. 2+
-Vagabond vol. 13+
-Fruits Basket 5+

Some stuff to sell

Hello! I went shopping today and spent...well, a ton in impulse items and figured I might as well toss some of them up here. I have four new CDs, unopened American releases, from some pretty hard to find anime shows. Plus, all my other stuff I have for sale or trade. I like trading. Collapse )

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I'm selling stuff for my cousin. ^^

I can only ship within the U.S. :/
Accepted payments: money order, personal check, concealed cash (your risk). I can't use paypal :'(
S+H is included with the prices.

English Anime DVDs

DBZ- Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan ($10)
Trigun Volumes 1+2 ($10 each)
Samurai Deeper Kyo 1+2 ($10 each)
Yuyu Hakusho/Ninku ($7)

English Manga
Revolutionary Girl Utena 1+2 ($6 each, $10 both)
Blue Inferior 1 ($6)
Angel Sanctuary 5* ($6)
Fruits Basket 6* ($6)
Demon Palace Babylon ($5)

Fushigi Yugi: Seiryuu (Blue/Second Box): $50.
New ones are at $190. ^^'

DBZ Wallscroll ($7)

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Hello, I'm looking to sell/trade some manga that I have. All are English, good condition (except Rayearth) as they've only been read a couple times. I was thinking $7, including shipping and handling in the US. 'Fraid I don't have any pictures, though. If you have questions, ask here or IM me at DragonQueen13333.

Alice 19th: 1,4-6
Kodocha: 2

Rurouni Kenshin: 3
Rayearth: 4 (it's a bit battered, but it is one of the bigger, more expensive manga)

I take Paypal, concealed cash at your own risk, and I'll trade for MARS (not ones with Masao though) or... would 2 of the Japanese Full Metal Alchemist for one manga make sense? I've seen Japanese manga sold for usually 3 or 4 dollars here, so... I would really like to buy some FMA too, if no one wants to trade.

  • ai_ten

Doujinshi Special Orders

For a limited time, AI-TEN staff will be accepting special orders on doujinshi.

We will search for doujin based on artist, pairing, and/or series and sell our findings to you for a flat fee of $10 per book. We will provide as many books as you specify, up to 10 for first-time customers and up to 30 for returning customers.

Shipping will be an additional $7 (air) for the first book + $1.50 for each book after. Sea mail is available on request for large orders at a cost of bit less.

We've been shopping for doujin for 4 years now and are pretty confident in our ability to pick decent books over garbage :) But you will have a chance to review the cover images of any books you buy for you BEFORE you are billed. Any books you reject will be sold on ebay.

Payment by paypal or cash via registered mail only. Japanese Yen or US $.

post inquiries here, send via email, or try AIM ~ hikari naki yami :)
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i have..

trigun vol. 1 DVD - 5$$
trigun vol. 8 DVD - 5$$
-- both pending to _christine
Evil's Return vol. 1 Manga - 5$$

if you live somewhere else let me know

All profits, goto donating to the Tsnumai Red Cross Help fund.
so far i have 78$ to donate i want to make it an even 100$

i'm only accepting CASH at the moment sorry.
  • tiarah

Otakufaerie on Ebay

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let y'all know I've just opened a store which sells a variety of anime related items and other unique asian products.

So far it's just on ebay, hopefully to move to its own site in a month or so. But the ebay store is http://stores.ebay.com/otakufaerie .

I would appreciate if you would check it out. There will be much more added in the near future! If there's anything you would like to see that I don't have, please don't hesitate to let me know! I'll do my best to try to find it. ^_^

Thanks in advance!
Atsushi; hands
  • kagerou

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I'm selling my Shoxx - May 2004 magazine with the band Nightmare on the cover. Ignore the The Final single, since I sold it already.

I'm asking for $13 + $5 shipping inside the US. The only form of payment I can recieve at the moment is Cash (US$). Sorry. ;_;

The magazine is in perfect condition, but it does NOT bring a poster. Sorry. ;_;

If you're interested, please leave me a comment, or email me at kagerou[at]livejournal[dot]com.

Thanks for looking <3
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