January 5th, 2005

more ebay auctions

+ Chobits DVDs Volume 1-7 [Region 1] +

+ Little Snow Fairy Sugar DVDs Volume 1-6 + Box [Region 1] +

+ Ai Yori Aoshi DVDs Volume 1-5 [Region 1] +

+ Red River #1 - Viz Shojo Manga Book +

please take a look! previous items i posted yesterday are here!

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Hi! I am new to this commmunity so please bare with me ^.^;

I've listed some MGS figures for sale on eBay for people who are interested >

Vulcan Raven
Sniper Wolf
Meryl Silverburgh

You can also click here for a complete list of anime DVDs and other stuffs I have on eBay right now... Click me please~!

On a side note, all the diecast cars listed in the auction I am selling for my mother's buddhist organization to raise funds for the South East Asia Tsunami support fund. There is a link to the organization's website in each one of the actual auctions so please pass the word around!

I can combine shipping if you buy more than one items, just let me know at the end of the auction!
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Any takers for the following?

I need money. Here's what I'm selling:

Olivia - Dekinai single
Youjeen - Fake! single
Utada - easy breezy single
One Piece 23
Tokyo Babylon 7
Utena film manga #4
Ayashi no Ceres manga lot - 4, 5, 6, 9, 10
Matantei Loki 1
Morning Musume special mini promo manga 1
Tramps like us (kimi wa pet) 1 translated
Picture Bride (with Kudoh Youki) VHS
Dark Angel promo tape 1 - Cold Comfort VHS
Dark Angel promo tape 2 - Heat VHS
Escaflowne the Movie Drama album 1: Earth (with Sakamoto Maaya, sonmay release)
Kenshin pencilboard(code 1297GB)
Evangelion playing cards
l'arc-en-ciel promotional posters for the US debut (double-sided with full metal alchemist)
l'arc-en-ciel promotional cards

Make an offer. Shipping in the US should be 5$, other places, just ask.
l'arc mini posters for the US debut
Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

Even MORE stuff :D

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As if I didn't post enough yesturday~
Here is the new batch! If you want to see what still
up for grabs check out my old post here ----->>

You can obviusly purchase from both entries and combine on shipping. :P

I also ship internationally ^_^

If you are interested in any of these items reply here with what you want to snag and with your email address~ ^_^ I will then give you my email address along with the price for shipping. (Shipping will vary from item to item. Don't worry I won't kill you with the shipping. You can estimate it will be about $3, unless its for a few cards which will be under a dollar. in country depending on how much you are buying and of what ^_^)

I accept Paypal, Personal Checks, Cash, and Money Orders. ^_^

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for sale

Neon Genesis Evangelion: the end of evangelion $10 watched once
Fushigi Yugi Seiryu Box set- $50 (was around $150-175) watched once ON HOLD
Fushigi Yugi: Eikoden OVA- $10 watched once ON HOLD

Manga: $4 each 2 for $6 ^___^
Rurouni Kenshin- 2,3SOLD
Love Hina- 1
Wild Act- 3,4 SOLD
Marmalade Boy- 4
Inuyasha- 12

my trade list:
Battle Royale Manga- any
jrock- miyavi, gackt, plastic tree, hyde, laruku

i except cash, paypal, and check (in the US). if you can't do this then we will work something out! arigato! if you have any questions email me at silverchrfreak(at)hotmail.com
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Hello, I'm selling lots of rare X-Japan and hide character goods: plush dolls, watches, figures, keychains ... Let me know if this against community rules and I'll take the post down :)

All UFO catcher plush dolls have their original tags. All other figures and packaged items are NRFB. You can check my eBay user ID for feedback: q-ko. I accept Paypal (will need to ask for the 3% fee PP charges), and money orders.

Email me at kianakei@gmail.com if you're interested. Please confirm items you want right away as I cannot hold any items.

Rare Tartan hide (white) - $25
Rare Tartan hide (black) - $25

Rare New Year hide in hakama with fan - $28
Seth and Holth hide - $11

hide pillows - Picture 2 - These are brand new UFO catcher items! They are so cute and well done.
hide character pillow 1 (yellow) - $20
hide character pillow 2 (black) - $20
hide character pillow 3 (green) - $20
hide character pillow 4 (gray) - $20

The rare X-Japan UFO catcher dolls that were only available through the crane game as prizes. They're all well made and very detailed with tags.
Rare X-Japan hide (first ever hide plush) - $35
Rare X-Japan Pata - $35
Rare X-Japan Heath - $35
Rare X-Japan Toshi - $35
Rare X-Japan Yoshiki - $35

The rare X-Japan keychain plushies that were only available through the crane game as prizes. These are offensively cute ^^ Complete with tag.
X-Japan UFO catcher keychain - hide - $15
X-Japan UFO catcher keychain - Pata - $15
X-Japan UFO catcher keychain - Heath - $15
X-Japan UFO catcher keychain - Toshi - $15
X-Japan UFO catcher keychain - Yoshiki - $15

The X-Japan flip-top character watches were only available through the crane game as a prize and are extremely rare. They have never been removed from box.
X-Japan Watch - hide - $25
X-Japan Watch - Pata - $25
X-Japan Watch - Heath - $25
X-Japan Watch - Toshi - $25
X-Japan Watch - X Logo - $25

These limited edition figures were only available for a short time at the hide mueseum. They're very well painted and sculpted. All figures have removable items and come with stands for display. First pictures are borrowed from www.kanegon.com - I didn't want to open the packaging for better pictures ^^ All figures NRFB.
hide figure (Excellent Photobook) - $18.00 - Picture 2 - Picture 3
hide figure (Hide Our Psychommunity Tour) - $18.00 - Picture 2 - Picture 3
hide figure (X-Japan Tour) - $18.00 - Picture 2 - Picture 3

For being so tiny and cute, these figure keychains are extremly well-detailed. They're awesome to decorate your bags and sweaters with. All are mint and never removed from package.
hide zipper keychain mascot Set 1 - $6.50
hide zipper keychain mascot Set 2 - $6.50
hide zipper keychain mascot Set 3 - $6.50
hide zipper keychain mascot Set 4 - $6.50
hide zipper keychain mascot Set 5 - $6.50

hide button - $3.00 Lighter is for reference. This puppy is huge ;) It also has a stand you can pop out in the back if you want to display it.

hide and Spread Beaver white drawsting bag - $1.50 Picture of other side.
LEMONed yellow drawstring bag - $.75

Email me at kianakei@gmail.com if you're interested. Please confirm items you want right away as I cannot hold any items.
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Requested Items Found (as of 1/5/05)

To see this post with photos & additional notes please click here

->for k0uryuu

Salamandra (Yubinbasya)
kurossufaia (Rito Kohsaka)
Roof Garden (Rito Kohsaka)


Amaiwana (Zuihouzakura)
Amaiwana 2 (Zuihouzakura)
Amaiwana 3(Zuihouzakura)
WEASLEY!! (Zuihouzakura)
WONDERLAND (Zuihouzakura)

->for Starseed4:

One Kiss From You (RoyXLiza) by GENEI HUMANOID

->for poufywerewolf:

100 nen no Mangetsu*
the night dream when there is no moon
the liar's heavenly bodies*
Discord Marching*
Momento Mori

Also offered to poufy:

Shangri la (SirusXRemus)
Relationship (parody)
Heavy Fucker: Ping Pong Wars (parody, Omega 2D)

Please let us know if you are interested in adding of these books to your collection

->for lady_suzuran

Tactics (G-ZERO. HXD)
Dear Feeling (G-ZERO, HXD)
The Beautiful Dreamer (PJ Special, HXD half comic/half illustrated novel)
Alexandrite * (P-GENE, HXD, hard yaoi)
Love Addict (Plastic Love, HXD, hard yaoi)

Also offered at a discount ->

Polar Star (Kagami, about Draco and his family) This one is discounted at $6.

Magic Word (Plastic Love, HXD, novel and mid-illustration is hard yaoi half comic, half novel) This one is discounted at $4

->for taiki_kou

*Opera Night

->for rrosey501

Nekojitagokoro mo koi no uchi (gen furuba)
Delicious Way (gen furuba)
Tea Box & Tenshino Yakata (gen furuba)
be in love with (KyoXTohru)
Fighting Bravo Inuyasha Fanbook vol. 4 (Miroku-centered)

->for kawaiiayu

Healing Vision (HaruXRin)


We will make one revisit on Friday to the first 2 shops to skim them for requests we recieved on the 2nd or 3rd day... and will also check for new items that may have appeared since our last search.

As usual... please message to hold your items, decline items offered to you or to halt your search.

If we have still recieved no contact information from you by Friday 1/7/04, we will consider your items abandoned and try to sell them to someone else.

shounenNOaitenSPAM@yahoo.co.jp (remember to remove the NO SPAM)