January 6th, 2005

  • kaworu

looking to trade my stuffs away.

here are the things i currently have for sale. actually.. no prices yet, because i'd really like to see what i can get out of trades. no pictures either, but that will change soon. if you see something that interests you but you want a picture now, let me know. inuyasha posters/wallscroll, chobits merchandise, fansub vhs tapes, manga, et cetera. i'd like to trade for something around the same value.. i'll let you know if it's too low/high, but please try to use fair judgement.

i also have more things to trade: see my cd list and my anime/manga/artbooks-on-discs list.


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Now some stuff from my friend...

My friend has some stuff she is selling. Prices include shipping. (If you want to trade let me know)

English manga
Kare Kano Vol. 1-4 $7 each or $25 for all
Chobits Vol. 8 $7
Angel Sanctuary Vol. 1 $7
Guardian Angel Vol. 1 $7
Erica Sakurazawa "Between the Sheets"
The Ring Vol 1-2 $7 each of both for $12

Twins- (Kanji...)$10
Uplink "Fully Exposed" $10
Animetoonz $6
Chakra 4th $10
Chae Rina "The First Step" $10
Kim Dong UK $10
S.H.E.- Together $10

The Avenging Fist DVD $10
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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I need the money, but most importantly I need the space. Prices are negotiable, and shipping costs may vary depending on if you purchase multiple items (I'll combine packaging); if you want me to, I can weigh your requested item(s) at the post office to give you a shipping estimate. I'll accept money order, well-concealed cash, or personal check (USD).

Getter Robo: Armageddon complete DVD collection brick (R1 release) - $28 (Only watched once)

Martian Successor Nadesico volumes 1 through 8 and 10 (official release, English Dubbed VHS)- $4 a piece or all of them for $30

Rurouni Kenshin volumes 1 and 2 (official VHS release, English Subtitles + Japanese Audio) - $5 a piece or both for $7

Capcom vs. SNK for Dreamcast - $5 (never been opened, though the case itself took a beating)

Newtype USA Posters: $1 each
Wedding Peach
Kaleido Star

Tofu Records Nami Tamaki and T.M. Revolution DVD sampler - $1 ON HOLD
Fruits Basket episodes 1 and 2 DVD sampler - $1
Dragonball Z sticker pack (contains two random stickers; I haven't opened the pack, so I don't know what's inside) - 50 cents
Dragonball GT/Z-Store foam can insulators - two available at 50 cents each
Z-Store mousepad - $1
ADV Summer 2004 Manga Sampler - $1

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x-posted to anime4sale

3 Hours Left!

There's only 3 Hours left until my auctions end! If you haven't, please take a look! I have some really cute fruitsy/alice in wonderland/gothic lolita jewelry for sale! Matching pearl+silver earrings + necklace-- pink and blue heart shaped necklaces --- dangling star necklaces! Please check it out!

got music?
  • kim1986

selling... trading...

these are the items i have to offer for trade or if you want to buy it that's fine too!

Region 1 Anime DVDs

X Tv Series 1
Sakura Diaries 2-4
GateKeepers 1-3
Samurai Girl Real Bout High School 4

Anime VHS Tapes (all dubbed and commercial release)

Ayane's High Kick
GateKeepers 4
Tenchi Muyo In Space 1-3
Tenchi Muyu The Final Battle

X vol. 4 slipcover
X vol. 8 slipcover

...will update this list later. i have to dig up my collection and see if there's anything else i can offer! ^_^

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thank you!
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Eat Wasabi!
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I'm selling some stuff on Ebay

If you want to know what some are:

2 12-card Movie edition Digimon Battle Card sets
1 8-card Movie editon Digimon Battle Card set
Initial D Battle Cards (Well...they look like it. didn't open the package XD)
Mitsubishi Trading Cards
3 Japanese One Piece Battle Cards
One Piece/Digimon Japanese movie promo
English Shounen Jump issue 1-12
2 One Piece Usopp Magnets/Dioramas
One Piece Wall Scroll

so please take a look. All are actually under $5.00

I also have a lot more to put up (CDs, Figures, more mags), so I'll keep ya posted! Rinkun Clearance! All must sell! XD
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Anyone wanna buy a lab. CD from me? It's Piper, brand new, still sealed. I ended up with two copies due to my own stupidity. I can post pictures if you need me to. I'm asking $30 for it. That's what I paid for it, but I also had to pay shipping and I won't charge anything for shipping in the USA or Canada. I accept PayPal and money orders only. If you're in Canada I will need an INTERNATIONAL postal money order. If not, I will possibly have to pay some kind of outrageous fee for cashing it at my bank. So, I really prefer PayPal to eliminate any kind of inconveniences on your part as well as mine.

Piper contains 9 tracks:

Sky Love
Sleep in the Water
Nightime Boys
Since Yesterday
Dub Note
Sunrise Bloom

I really love this CD and hope that someone will give it a good home and enjoy it as much as I do. ^__^