January 7th, 2005

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Three items for sale: a CD, a DVD, and a manga. A random assortment, but perhaps you'll find something you'd like! (All at eBay.)


Also... if anyone wants to sell Marmalade Boy vol6 (English) or any sort of Gackt merchandise, let me know. xDD
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Jan Doujinshi Search FINAL

~Requested Items Found (FINAL)~

Thank you to all who requested items, it was a lot of fun searching for you all!!! Please keep us in mind for your doujinshi needs in the future ^_^/

I must apologize to those who requested Prince of Tennis/Tennis no Oujisama items!!!! Since none of our staff knows ANYTHING about PoT, we were ~totally~ lost searching for pairings. "Who is Atobe?" "What does he look like?" "Is this Atobe?" "Which one is Ryouma?" etc. We promise to make it a personal mission to learn about Prince of Tennis before next search!!!!!


We weren't able to find everyone's items (and I'm afraid we probably never will be). But we had particular trouble meeting the requests of those who entered the search late. In the future, for the best results: please bookmark our livejournal page and place your requests as close as possible to Search Opening.

Please e-mail us or respond to the version of this post on OUR livejournal ( http://www.livejournal.com/users/ai-ten/ ). Include the items you are accepting, the items you are declining (if any) and an email address where we can send a bill via paypal. For those paying by concealed cash: please email us for an address.

Any additional shipping fees for oversized books are detailed in this post. Otherwise shipping terms are as outlined in the original offer (directly beneath)

Rejected items will be posted in a few days as free-for-all.

As usual, to see the list with images: Click Here

->for k0uryuu

HELLHOUND (Yubinbasya) $10 + $1 for oversize
LSD (Yubinbasya, color comic/sketchbook) $13 (over-price)
Peach Pit (Yubinbasya) $13 (over-price) + $1 for oversize
kurossufaia (Rito Kohsaka) $10
Roof Garden (Rito Kohsaka) $10
Salamandra (Yubinbasya) $12 (new)


Amaiwana (Zuihouzakura) $10
Amaiwana 2 (Zuihouzakura) $10
Amaiwana 3(Zuihouzakura) $10
WEASLEY!! (Zuihouzakura) $10
WONDERLAND (Zuihouzakura) $10
TWINS QUIDDITCH GO GO(Zuihouzakura) $10

->for Starseed4:

One Kiss From You (RoyXLiza) by GENEI HUMANOID $10

->for poufywerewolf:

100 nen no Mangetsu $10 +$1 for oversize
the night dream when there is no moon $10
the liar's heavenly bodies $10 + $1 for oversize
Discord Marching $10 + $1 for oversize
Momento Mori $10

Also offered to poufy:

NOUVELLE LUNE2 $13 + $1 oversize
NOUVELLE LUNE3 $13 + $1 oversize
Shangri la (SirusXRemus) $10
Relationship (parody) $10
Human X disqualification = black dog (Sirius X Remus) $10
Secret Demarcation (parody) $10
Hotch Potch (Sirius X Remus) $10
Heavy Fucker and the Dance Party of Fire (parody) $10

->for lady_suzuran

Tactics (G-ZERO. HXD) $10
The Beautiful Dreamer (PJ Special, HXD half comic/half illustrated novel) $10
Alexandrite (P-GENE, HXD, hard yaoi) $10 + $1 oversize
Love Addict (Plastic Love, HXD, hard yaoi) $10
Polar Star (Malfoys X Weasleys, HarryXDraco yaoi/shoujo-ai) $6 (bent)

->for taiki_kou

Opera Night $10 + $1 oversize

->for rrosey501

Nekojitagokoro mo koi no uchi $10
Delicious Way $10
Tea Box & Tenshino Yakata $10
be in love with (KyoXTohru) $10
hana to yume book 4 (some light shounen-ai ~ jokes) $10
Fighting Bravo Inuyasha Fanbook vol. 4 (Miroku parody, light shounen-ai ~ jokes) $10
Paradise (Inu Yasha X Miroku, yaoi) $10

->for kawaiiayu

Healing Vision (HaruXRin) $10
garden (HaruXRin) $10

->for Mei Yue

Black Angel and White Angel (DNAngel DarkXDaisukeXSatoshi) $10
Under the Moon (Lumen Lunae, yaoi) $10

->offered to Ying Mei

hirate mochi wa suki no shirushi (KKM, YuriXWolfram) $10

That's all for now, folks!

Once again, this is the last update. I'm afraid if there's nothing posted here for you, there's nothing for you this time around. Note: some people requested the same pairings/series as others. First choice will be offered to those who requested first. If you requested the same series as another person here, watch this space to see if books are rejected: if they are, you'll have first stab at them.

If we recieve no reply to this post Friday 1/14/04, we will consider your items abandoned and try to sell them to someone else.

shounenNOaitenSPAM@yahoo.co.jp (remember to remove the NO SPAM)

english manga/dvd updates

u.s. shipping only
accepted payments: concealed cash (your risk), personal checks, money orders
prices include shipping...

english manga:

fruits basket 6* ($6)
r.g. utena 1+2 ($6 each, $10 for both)
*if you're really anal (like me) about your manga looking completely flawless, don't get this one. it has "pen-dents" 'cause my buddy wrote over the book :( there's no markings on it- only dents.
anime (official, store bought dvd's):

dbz broly: the legendary s.s. ($10) *hold*
trigun volume 1 ($10)
samurai deeper kyo 1+2 ($10 each, $18 for both)
yuyu hakusho/ninku ($7)
fushigi yugi the seiryuu box (eps 27-52) ($50)

all anime are dubbed, but there are settings of japanese dialogue with english subtitles.

DBZ Wallscroll ($7)

if you're interested in pictures of a certain item, please leave information and your e-mail address.
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