January 9th, 2005

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CLAMP manga on sale

Couple of things for sale. Shipping price included, and I will combine shipping if you want more than one item. All manga is in English.

CLAMP's Tsubasa 1-2: $7 each or $12 for both.

CLAMP's XXXHolic 1-2: $7 each or $12 for both.

Please Teacher complete set (HK subs): $15

Shonen Jump Manga Anthology volumes 1-24: $45 (Sorry, but shipping that many books is expensive)

All prices are negotiable!! I overspent a little this month, so I'm in need of some money. I accept concealed cash, money order, or personal check. Contact mai_lundi@yahoo.com. If you give me a trade list, I'll definitely take a look, but I can't promise anything.

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Hi! I'm selling a Gloomy Bear Purse.

The purse shown in the pictures here, is *my* purse. (you will be given a BRAND-NEW with tags version of this purse.)The purse is aprox. 8.5x8 inches. It if an offical Gloomy Bear Purse. Bidding is currently at $30 + shipping!~!


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(no subject)

New stuff and old stuff. Prices welcome to haggling. Trades are welcome(check out my trade-list). Payment through money order, well-concealed cash, or PayPal, but I *much* prefer PayPal.

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Gothic lolita biblse for sale.

GLB bibles for sale

GLB # 9 [no pattern] excellent cond. US$18 + shipping

GLB # 6 [with pattern] excellent cond. = US$20 + shipping

GLB # 5 [with pattern] great- excellent cond. = US$17 + shipping

i live in australia so please provide nec details.

i am desperately seeking to move out of my house and need to sell these urgently.
best offer [ those are just reserved prices] i dont charge extra for shipping.

EDIT: i have decided that the two users from brisbane will have #5 and #6 due to the access of a banking transfer. It will help me greatly as i will need money when i move out. Not to mention i need to pay my mum back for some things i am in debt for