January 12th, 2005

amazon.com listings, Jrock DVDs

here is a list of all the anime/manga/martial arts items I have for sale on amazon.com. click the link, go to the used section, and I should be listed at the top as I have the lowest prices available. my username is thelionforreal. I ship internationally. if you do not have an amazon.com account, or you're interested in more than one item and want to see if I can cut the price a little, please let me know. my eBay feedback rating is nearing 400, so please buy with confidence. I ship within 3 days of purchase.

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I am also selling the following region-free DVDs. these are bootlegs from Hong Kong (?), so if you're interested in just the footage and not pretty packaging, they are with shipping already included, $10 in the US, $12 elsewhere. they've been played less than 5 times & are in excellent condition.

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I accept PayPal & cash at your own risk.
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just some random j-pop/j-rock ^__^

includes: l'arc~en~ciel, shiina ringo, tommy february7, Gackt, Malice mizer, Psycho le cemu, hitomi, kagrra,, Ayumi Hamasaki, hide, x-japan, moi dix mois, soulhead, crystal kay, and more XD~

--> for the next two weeks i wont be responding as quickly as I have exams ^^

check it out!