January 15th, 2005

Anime Stuff

Hi, I'm a new member and I was thinking of trading off a bunch of my Anime-related items that I no longer want. I prefer trading because I guess I could sell them but I would just end up spending that money on more JROCK/Anime items. Maybe if good $offers are made...anyways, here's the list of stuff I'm willing to trade off:

Sailor Moon volume 10 (read only once) ENGLISH
Sailor Moon volume 6 ENGLISH
Sailor Moon Stars volume 1-3 ENGLISH
How to Draw Manga - Couples ENGLISH
How to Draw Manga - Anatomy ENGLISH
Zetsuai - Volumes 1-5 (original Japanese; read through only once)

Sailor Pluto Barbie - Out of Box but MINT
Sailor Pluto-like Plushie (don't know if it's an actual BSSM product)

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The items that I'm currently looking for:
L'arc en Ciel CDs/Singles
Pierrot Singles/Cds
hide Singles/Cds
Yaoi doujinshi/manga
JROCK CDs/singles

I have nothing I'm really looking for in particular. I'm just getting tired of having stuff sitting around so I've opted for trading.