January 18th, 2005

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for diamondmeadows

We were able to get you a first press hide *Ja Zoo* cd (album) in A condition and a C condition copy of X Japan`s Vanishing Vision (indies) album. As the Vanishing Vision album is in lower condition than you requested, we will offer it to you for $8 (the thing is pretty beat up and clearly shows its age, but it plays perfectly on our own system)

We can also offer you a 1997 issue of SHOXX featuring Yoshiki on the cover for your $10 price quote.

Shipping is not included in these quotes. All three items can ship for $15 together or $7 for the cds (single or together) and $10 for the magazine.

We were able to come accross nearly all items in X and hide's discography... But, since Japanese albums sell for a bit more than US$30 new, $10 is a bit low even for resale (even lower when you consider we need to make a profit). Of course we can find you singles at this quoted price (or in many cases, to be honest, we can sell them lower), but as far as albums-- about $15-18 is more realistic (including our commission). This is all we could find that fit your price scale in our search today.

please email us to accept or decline anything here.


If diamondmeadows does not reply or rejects the items: anyone is welcome to claim them.
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Left-over Discount Sale

Well... we're amassing a small pile of goods that were unpaid, rejected or just plain un-bought...

So here's the previously promised "free-for-all". People have been remarkably thorough about accepting their finders' service and doujinshi items lately... so I'm afraid there's not that much here (though to tell the truth, that's WONDERFUL for us ^___^v Thank you everyone!! )

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Hocking a bit of my fandom..

Hi everyone :

New to the community - but I'm out to hock some of my past 8 years in fandom as a con-slug and staffing cons. The cash will go towards starting a new chapter on my involvement in convention going.

Please see this link for a constantly updated list of what I'm auctioning off and what has been sold. Payment details and such are also available here.

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Moving Sale

I'm switching apartments, and I don't want to carry everything with me! My loss your gain! All titles are at marked down at least 50% of their value, and are in great condition. The manga are all in English, and many of the auctions are for sets. Expand your collection at a great price!

Ebay Auctions:

Inu Yasha 13-20-- Popular feudal-era Japanese manga about a girl Kagome and her companion the half-demon Inu-Yasha. This covers the arc in which Naraku clones himself and Inu-Yasha's sword must be reforged.

John Constantine: Hellblazer 1-5-- The first five volumes of Vertigo's tale about the scrappy anti-hero who may be the world's greatest magician, and is definetly a pain in the Devil's ass.

Samurai Deeper Kyo 1-10-- A shounen action title with tons of villians, secret identities, and samurai drama. (Cheap deal on this one!)

Queen's Knight 1-2-- A cute story about a girl who will become queen of a fantastic land in the heart of Germany.

Model 1-4-- Jae is a painter who is looking for the perfect model... which she finds in the beautiful and mysterious vampire Michael. But he's not going to let her paint him without a modeling fee...

Les Bijoux 1-3-- Jrock cameos, yaoi, shounen ai, pretty boys, cheap price. Need I say more?

Shoujo Lot 1-- $3 for 3 titles, Happy Mania, Baby Birth, Abenobashi: Magical Shopping Arcade.

Shounen Manga Lot-- $3 for 3 titles, Escaflowne, Eternity, Ruler Of The Land

Shoujo Lot 2-- $3 for 3 titles, President Dad, Forbidden Dance, Planet Ladder

Shoujo Lot 3-- Kare First Love, Gunslinger Girl, Peach Girl

Beast Brut falling

hide painting

Last month, someone asked claim and emailed me about the hide painting I have made and showed interest in buying it but I don't remember who it was^^;;

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Also, I am willing to take a request for a painting this month, preferrably of a JRocker. There are different things that affect the cost which can be discussed later. Just please don't think you're gonna get a painting for 20 bucks or so because that's a sketch price.^^;;

Anyone want a painting of a JRocker custom made? Let me know what you're interested in here. Then email me: Leon_Knights at hotmail dot com to send a picture if you don't have a link to post here instead.


P.S. Here are some past sample work I've done rather recently:
Mana from Malice Mizer - Merveilles
Alice in Wonderland
MALICE MIZER - Beast of Blood
Mana - Bara no Seirou
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Samsara & 6th Doctor

Update on items for sale

Shrine of The Morning Mists Vol. 1: $20.00(10 ep's)

(hong kong perfect collection with english/japanese audio)

Kai Doh Maru Ova $6.00(on hold)

Samurai Girl Boxset: $60.00(on hold)

Inu-Yahsa Movie 2(hong kong): 5.00

Disney Mulan 1999 1st print dvd: $10.00

Kim Possible: The Secret Files $6.00

Don't Say A Word $6.00

Big Trouble $6.00

~~~~~~~~~~~~NON DVD Goods~~~~~~~~~~~
The Vampire Armand(tape audio story)
The Vampire Lestat(tape audio story)
Merrick(cd audio story)
****All three of these items are $12.00 to buy.

Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix(paper back/never read got the
boxset at xmas) $4.40

Let's Draw Manga: Ninja & Samurai(read once, mint) $13.00

The Kanji Way to Japanese Language Power(Barely read, Mint) $13.00


If you do not see the words HONG KONG, it means the dvd's are
R1. All my dvd's coem from a smoke free home and are in excellent
shape. If you see something you want to buy or trade, please let me
know. As it is now I would rather take the money, but these are the
items I'm looking for on DVD, must be R1 dvd's! No hong Kong
imports other then the Sailor Moon one.
I will ship outside of the us, but I can only take PAYPAL payments
is US funds. Shipping I can get for you later, once I make a trip to
the post office. Any question's feel free to ask! Those of you in
the US, Money order or cash only. Like paypal payments more.


Sai-Yuki English dvd's, and the movie
Sailor Moon Season 5(SP ed Hong Kong DVD set)
Peacemaker Vol. 2 AND UP
Gravitation Vol's 2-4
Stargate SG-1 Seasons: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8
Manga wise I need these titles(english only):
Selfish Love Vol. 2
Kizuna Vol 2-3
Eerie Queerie 2-end
Vampire Game Vol 1-14
PeaceMaker Vol 2
Kenshin 8, 9, and 10

As for now that's all I can think of. Anything with Yaoi in it is
another thing I like.
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(no subject)

If this isn't allowed, feel free to delete :D

I completly forgot the lovely person's e-mail address that sent my Battle Royale vcd, I would just like to say I've received the movie 3 days ago and the 2$ ^^.

Thanks so much!
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Allie Adult
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Price drop on items

Yo! I'm desperate to clean out my room before I head back off to college, so offer a price! Shipping is $1.50 for all manga and $2.00 for all DVDs (no matter how many you buy!). One exclusion; see item for details.

I accept US cash, personal check (will have to clear the bank first) and money orders. I'll ship anywhere, but keep in mind that International orders will have higher shipping. Trades for anything yaoi are welcomed!

Kino's Travels DVD 1 (art box can be included by request)
Voices of a Distant Star DVD
Please Teacher! HK version (Great subs)

Manga: Translated
Tsubasa vol.1-2
XXXHolic vol.1-2
Shonen Jump Anthology vol.1-24 (shipping is $15, no matter the price. Sorry, but it's a lot to ship)

Offers welcome. Thanks for looking!

(no subject)

Can whoever bought Marmalade boy 5-8 from me please email me (chupachupchan @ yahoo.com ) with the address you wanted it sent to ? @___@;; I lost the paper I wrote it on, and I want to send it ASAP!! :)
竜 太 朗

Selling Psyco le Cemu & Angel Sanctuary things.. + more

** Buying **: If anyone has the magazine UV Volume 108 - Oct. 04 with PIERROT Cover { this one } I would very much like to buy the PIERROT pages + poster in that issue if someone is willing to be a doll and sell them! thanks :)
Also any pages of them from any of the newest magazines.

Selling Psycho Le Cemu stuff!
Will sell these two posters to the highest offer after a day or two:

Aya (Psycho le Cemu) Poster from Gothic & Lolita Bible vol. 9 (Click for pic )
Never hung. excellent condition. Highest bid is $4

Psycho le Cemu poster from Shoxx vol. 127 - 9/03 ( Click for pic)
Also never hung, excellent condition. 17 inches by 24 inches.
Starts at $4 Comment to bid on either~

Psycho le Cemu - Special 20 Pages Edition - Shoxx from 9/2003 - Claimed
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It's also the issue with the Doctor Miyavi photoshoot
Also Features: Ruka, Nightmare, Gazette, Kagerou, Kagrra, Despairs Ray, Kra, D, Lareine, Shulla, & more. Excellent condition. Never really looked through but well taken care of.

Gravitation VIP Pass ~ $4 w/out S&H ( Front & Back )
Came with Right Stuf Box edition of Gravi. volume 1 DVD. Pass & long chain only. New condition.

Anime & Manga: Collapse )

I accept Money Orders, well-concealed US Cash, and PayPal only.
Will ship internationally, items are in the US. Will offer First Class and Priority S/H.
Serious bidders/buyers only please! I have my Ebay feedback upon request
Please *Comment* to bid/claim/ask a Question.

(no subject)

'eyo everybody! I have some new things that I finally put up. I would like to be able to buy my boyfriend Valentine's Day presents XD Enjoy!

- manga
- anime
- cds
- pc games
- shirts
- misc

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Comment if interested. E-mail me at renegadeangel87@yahoo.com for further information =)

No PayPal. Personal checks, money order, and concealed cash(at your own risk) are accepted. woooo! North American shipping only. Sorry =(

big doujinshi sale

A while ago, I posted up an auction on some doujinshi, but hell, I'm just going to post prices and throw most of what I've got up for sale. I have quite a number of books on sale and I need the space.

I have mostly Pirates of the Caribbean doujinshi (yaoi, shounen-ai and parody), as well as some RP yaoi, Troy and Lord of the Rings (yaoi and parody) doujinshi as well. Please check my livejournal for pictures and details (graphic heavy).

click here for more information