January 24th, 2005

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Weekly Specials - January 24th 2005

Osushi Gummi</div>
Delight your palate with fun fruity fish shaped gummies atop beds of chocolate cream-filled-marshmallow-rice!    
$2.80   $2.00 [ more... ]

Kirin - Cream Tea</div>
"Strong tea with delicious milk and cream. You'll love that satisfying creamy taste." Perhaps once in history, not only is the english correct, but the description on the bottle is dead on.    
$2.50   $2.25 [ more... ]

Meiji - Strawberry Chocolate </div>
Meiji - Strawberry Chocolate is a milk chocolate bar with creamy and natural strawberry flavored filling.    
$1.69   $.89 [ more... ]

Hello Panda Strawberry</div>
Tasty biscuits with strawberry cream filling.    
$1.25   $.89 [ more... ]

Peach Water (Momo no Tennensui)</div>
Momo no Tennensui is under the odd category we like to call here at ThinkTokyo a "water drink." It is not a "water drink" in the sense where it lacks flavor, it is the other way around!    
$2.50   $1.99 [ more... ]

Skitto Lemon C</div>
Skitto Lemon C has 546mg or 910% of your daily vitamin C requirement. This means you will get well more then your daily healthy allotment of vitamin C. Oh yeah, and you can also enjoy a great lemony drink too!    
$2.49   $1.49 [ more... ]

The Image Factory: Fads and Fashions in Japan</div>
The Image Factory is both an investigation into Japanese fads, fashions and styles, and an appreciation of their inherent meanings. Donald Richie investigates all aspects of this strange and ephemeral world...    
$24.95   $20.00 [ more... ]

Japanese Vocabulary Cards</div>
With this card set, you may quickly develop a Strong foundation of essential and functional Japanese words. Use it as supplementary practice material to build a strong Japanese vocabulary base.    
$15.95   $13.95 [ more... ]

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manga megasale!

Hello. I need extra money and I am selling a bunch of Japanese stuff at fairly low prices. I have artbooks, manga, DVDs, and more. I ask for $3.50 shipping and I can only ship within the United States. I take Paypal only - my e-mail address for Paypal is risoukyou_no_ohime@yahoo.com, so send it there. All of these are in great condition; some of them haven't even been read or watched, and most of them have only been so once!

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Looking for cosplay hats. Does that make sense? Character hats, like the Yuki one from Fruits Basket.

A Dejiko hat with ear flaps. Something anime hat related.
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French manga, anyone?

[UPDATE] I've added some info about shipping, please check it out! :)

Hi hi people!

Well I asked earlier if anyone would be interested in some French manga, and it seems there were a few people who wanted to take a look so here's my list! :)

Beware of the massive amount of pictures! >.<;; Sorryyyyy!! T_T

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some more stuff

i added a FEW things like sailor moon manga. there's still animerica issues available, some cds, misc. japanese manga, a couple ayumi hamasaki magazines. please take a look!

by the way, status on transactions, i recieved payment for H single, waiting for payment for l'arc singles and waiting for payment for vivi oct 02.


right now, i'm REALLLLLY looking for magazines featuring ayumi hamasaki! PLEASSE let me now if any of you guys have any! also, i'm looking for kidrobot.com sort of stuff like vinyls, or stuffed dolls by these kind of artists. anything from gloomy bear i really need right now too!! please post reasonable prices, and hopefully trade with me! thanks a lot