January 28th, 2005

J-pop / J-rock singles, albums, manga, posters and bags for sale

Got a couple of things i would like to sell off to make space in my room and also to fund for my University textbooks... time is bad...

Paypal preferred, concealed cash, electronic bank transfer for those staying in Singapore (POSB/DBS) and Australia (Commonwealth).

I do ship worldwide so please enquire on the shipping charges from me.

Pictures of the items can be given upon request.

Price is always negotiateable.

All cds are in excellent condition (almost new)... its just the cover and booklets...

++jpop / jrock SINGLES++ ($5 each)

Gackt -- Vanilla SOLD
Ayumi Hamasaki -- M
Ayumi Hamasaki -- UNITE
Ayumi Hamasaki -- evolution
Aikawa Nanase -- seven seas
Namie Amuro -- Please smile again

++jpop / jrock ALBUMS++ ($10 each)

Uehara Takako -- First wings
l'arc-en-ciel -- Ray
l'arc-en-ciel -- ark
Do as Infinity -- deep forest
Do as Infinity -- break of dawn (include MTV VCD of yesterday & today, raven)
Ayumi Hamasaki -- I am...
Ayumi Hamasaki -- Duty
Ayumi Hamasaki -- Loveppears (2 cds)
Pierrot -- finale
Namie Amuro -- 181920 ($7 cos the cover not in such excellent condition)
Utada Hikaru -- Deep River
Hitomi -- thermo plastic
Aikawa Nanase -- ID
TM revolution -- triple joker
TM revolution -- the force
glay -- heavy gauge
ryuichi kawamura -- acoustical melodies ($7)
hide -- singles collection ON HOLD ($7)
glode -- relation
misia -- kiss in the sky
noriko sakai -- asian collection '97
x japan -- perfect best
shena ringo -- complete singles II SOLD

++Game / Anime OST++ ($6)

Final Fantasy IX ost SOLD
Final Fantasy X ost (4 cds $10)
steam detectives vocal album -- white
x ost
Rurouni Kenshin the original vocal album songs 2 SOLD
Rurouni Kenshin ost
Saiyuki movie requiem ost
Saiyuki OST vol 1
Saiyuki OST vol 2
Saiyuki image album vol 1
Saiyuki image album vol 2
Saiyuki image album vol 3

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I have Bonnie Pink's Heaven's Kitchen CD (Japanese Version) for sale


here's the track listing
1. Heaven's Kitchen
2. Hohoemi No Tane
3. It's Gonna Rain
4. Do You Crash?
5. Silence
6. Mad Afternoon
7. Lie Lie Lie
8. Melody
9. Pendulum
10. Get In My Hair
11. Farewell Alcohol River
12. No One Like You

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i accept money orders, personal checks, and well-concealed cash.
u.s. shipping only. >< sorry!

legal dvds in english subs and dubs:
trigun v.1: the $60,000,000,000 man ($10)
ninku/yuyu hakusho movie ($10)
samurai deeper kyo v. 1, 2 ($10 each)

english manga:
juvenile orion ($5)
aquarium ($6)
fruits basket 6 ($6)
blue inferior 1 ($6)
demon palace babylon ($4)
revolutionary girl utena 1+2 ($6 each, $10 both)

group wallscroll of dbz: ($7 not including shipping)

if you want pics, just ask :)
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You know you want to buy my crap, yo :O

I'm looking to sell some manga. Please take a look! :D

Manga for sale 5 dollars each+ postage:
Clamp School Detectives #1(traded!)
Clamp School Detectives #2(traded!)
Eerie Queerie #1(on hold)

Demon Diary#s 1;2;3;4;5;7 $25 set(on hold)

FAKE #1-7 set $35(on hold)

Yami no Matsuei #5, Chinese language $3
Gravitation #1-5 Japansese language $15(on hold)
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Make offers - I'm desperately broke and need money. Shipping in the world will depend on where you live. PAYPAL and MO accepted for the US, PAYPAL ONLY for international orders.


Utada - Easy Breezy single
Youjeen - FAKE single
Olivia - Dekinai single
Hello!Project - Pucchi Best 2
Matsuura Aya - The Bigaku single
Escaflowne the Movie drama CD #1: Earth

Francesca Lia Block's "Missing Angel Juan" - FIRST EDITION AND SIGNED!

Picture Bride (with Kudoh Youki)
Dark Angel promo tape 1 - Cold Comfort
Dark Angel promo tape 2 - Heat
Morning Musume - Winter 2003 concert tour VHS

manga (japanese):
Shoujo Kakumei Utena film manga #4
Ayashi no Ceres #4
One Piece #23

Morning Musume - Hamilton Island Photobook
Shimotsuma Monogatari promotional notebook - LOLITA NO SEI
Shimotsuma Monogatari movie postcards
Kenshin pencilboard
Chi Chai Monkichi purse
X-Files script for Small Potatoes
Evangelion playing cards

Pics available on request.


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Hi everybody, I'm like so broke and wanted to tell people that I have new hide sunglasses in my store for sale if anyone is interested ^^;
I might be getting some clothes and other things too. If you want me to find something for you I can try to get you stuff also.

Black lense hide Sunglasses (the everyday wear ones)

Yellow lense hide sunglasses (The same kind he wore in the Pink Spider PV)

Purple Lense

Clear Lense

I have a lot of anime, cosplay stuff, and anime VHS tapes I'm selling for around $6 each new and used.
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New Member

Hello all,

I'm a new member here and I have a few items I thought I would put up.

Manga's (In English)
-Cresecent Moon Volume 1 ($5.00)
-Chobits Volume 4 ($5.00)
-Mars Volume 1 ($3.00) (It's a little ripped on the cover and bent a bit. But all th pages are there in place.)
-Mars Volume 2 ($5.00)

-Chobits Volume 3, Darkness Descends ($15.00)
-Boys Over Flowers Volume 2 ($15.00)

Okay, that's all for now.

All prices are definately negotiable. (I also trade.) Just comment if you're interested.

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Selling A Few Things

Konnichiwa mina! I am new to this community. I have a few items that I no longer have use for that I will let go of quite cheaply. Here are some of the items I wish to sell currently:


Excel Saga Vol. 1 (English)
Excel Saga Vol. 2 (English)
Excel Saga Vol. 3 (English)

--$4 each or $10 for all three plus shipping and handling

Video Games

Maken X (Dreamcast - U.S. Version)
Xenosaga Episode I (PS2 - U.S. Version)

--Maken X I'll let go for $3, simple as that. I'm not too sure about Xenosaga Episode I, though. Reasonable offers will be considered. I was thinking around $15. And of course shipping and handling.

~Shipping and handling will vary, but will not be expensive. The most it should cost for shipping would be $6 for the games, which need to be protected. Go ahead and comment if anyone's interested in anything.