January 29th, 2005

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anyone have them?

CHEAP PLEASE ;/ i was thinking 10 for both?.
i dont care what condition as long as all the pages are there.

selling a few jrock and jpop CDs

I am selling a few CDs I bought used in Japan. Unless noted, they're in top condition.

Make an offer. I accept Paypal for payment.

-Rip Slyme – Five (some scratches but plays without problem)
-La Mule – Knife (single)
-Malice Mizer – Shinyonaka ni Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku (CD single +DVD 2disk set...please note that the DVD is region 2..it contains the PV for the single)

Shipping and handling is $7 for 1-2 CDs, $9 for all three titles (I'm shipping from Japan).

Gackt Platinum Box II

Hi, all! I'm moving across the country soon and I have to sell almost everything I have before I move, so I have my Gackt: Platinum Box II up for sale on eBay.

The DVD features the videos for Mizerable, Vanilla, Mirror, Oasis, ~seki-ray~, Secret Garden, and two other Gackt songs.

Please see the auction if you're interested!
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I need money and to get rid of things I no longer want. Make an offer, I'll take the best offer. I charge $3 shipping no matter what, I take Paypal or well-concealed checks/cash AT YOUR OWN RISK, I only ship within the U.S.A. If you would like a photo of what you want to buy, I will take one for you. My Paypal e-mail address is risoukyou_no_ohime@yahoo.com

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Hello everybody ^^ I'm going to make another attempt to sell some Sailor Moon movies. I'm afraid that I don't have pictures this time due to my photobucket exceeding its bandwidth, but if you'd like a photo of the product, I'll gladly e-mail you one.

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Paypal not accepted. Money order, personal check, or concealed cash(risky) only. Comment or e-mail me if interested at renegadeangel87@yahoo.com