February 3rd, 2005


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Hi! I'm new here, and I have a couple auctions for you guys to check out! :)
I'm linking to my "Items for sale by Blessed_Fire" page so you guys can look at both at once or whatever you want to do lol. Or if you want to bookmark it and check back if I post more.
Anyhow, I'm selling volumes 1-22 of Prince of Tennis in Japanese and my Japanese Hakkai Figure by Volks. They are all in great condition and come from a nonsmoking enviroment:
Samsara & 6th Doctor

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Please ignore the prices I have beside the items, willing to sell/trade these just so I can get some extra money now. Make me an offer, click the link below to see what I have! Again, you see something you like/want let MAKE AN OFFER! I also got a few Sailor Moon items to sell/trade, I'll get pictures of them up later if people are curious about them. If anyone buys anything I will toss in a free Beanie Baby TY as a gift.

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stuff from here still up for sale!~
pictures of those that have been sold have been taken down, so the rest is still up for grabs!~~

also have some other stuff:

limited edition FFXI OST, comes with a DVD and 2 CDs, lovely sleeve and gorgeous cover... $40


another pic

special edition comic blade magazine : peace maker special.
contents, first few chapters of the manga (shinsengumi, not imon), interviews with the mangaka, anime info and a free gift of sorts, it's a shinsengumi cloth thing. it's still sealed up, never opened before.....$8


loki figurine, displayed once then put back in the box...$13


hanato yume towel set: set of 3, includes fruits basket, hitsuji no namida and one more whose name eludes me for the moment. >_<...$5 sold

fruits basket paper bag, super cute: $3
the other side sold

i also have a GBA (non-sp) in black, a gameboy color and a gameboy pocket. not sure what to offer them at. make an offer. ^^...

willing to take offers as well. prices don't include shipping. take paypal.
thanks for looking. ^^


Because so many people were interested in this item I'm starting an auction:

Chobits: The City with no people mini album
5 Tracks -- includes Daremo Inai Machi and Atashi dake no hito picture books

please comment with your bid -- I'm ending this in 24 hours

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Panic Doll Gothic Corset Shirt

I'm selling a brand new Medium-sized shirt from Panic Doll:

It ended up being a size too big for me. It's 26" in length with a waist of 16". Asking for $25 (again this is brand new and never worn) and shipping is $5 anywhere in the U.S. I accept PayPal (safest - no credit cards!), money orders, checks, and well concealed cash at your own risk in the mail. Comment here or email me if interested: kirito@gmail.com.
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Chi Chai Monchan purse!

Anyone want this? I only used it once. Asking 10$ plus 5$ shipping for the US. Desperately need money so I'm selling it.

Also up for grabs:

Youjeen - FAKE single
Olivia - Dekinai single
Hello!Project - Pucchi Best 2
Matsuura Aya - The Bigaku single
Escaflowne the Movie drama CD #1: Earth

Francesca Lia Block's "Missing Angel Juan" - FIRST EDITION AND SIGNED!

Picture Bride (with Kudoh Youki)
Dark Angel promo tape 1 - Cold Comfort
Dark Angel promo tape 2 - Heat
Morning Musume - Winter 2003 concert tour VHS

manga (japanese):
Shoujo Kakumei Utena film manga #4
Ayashi no Ceres #4
One Piece #23
Tokyo Babylon #7
Morning Musume promo manga


Kenshin pencilboard
Evangelion playing cards
Smallville Novels "City" and "Strange Visitors"

Morning Musume - Hamilton Island Photobook
Shimotsuma Monogatari promotional notebook - LOLITA NO SEI
Shimotsuma Monogatari movie postcards
Utada - Easy Breezy single