February 5th, 2005

Soprano's do it on top
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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for posters.

I'm looking for posters from:

-FFX-2 (With Lenne)
-FFX (With Yuna and Tidus. Lake scene preffered.)

If you have any other stuff like this, feel free to comment.

I will trade also. ^_^

Thank you.
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Clearance Stuff

I'm sort of desperate to get rid of these ^^; I don't have pictures of these items, because my camera is at a friend's house. If you're wary of being jipped by me, I have reputable feedback at the Japanese Trading Network and as a buyer on eBay (ID: asiayuy). Take a gander, if you please - everything is in very good condition:

**MAKE ME AN OFFER: I'll let you know if it's too low - I can be pretty flexible on some things**

Gloomy Bear Pink Roll-up Calculator (5"x4"x"1)
I think this is unofficial merchandise.
Gundam Wing Playing Cards - 18 & over only - for some reason there's a random nude anime person on the 3 of Clubs but otherwise fine - obviously not official merchandise (I'll let it go for cheap)
Nsync "No Strings Attached" Tour
Official 8x10 Photo (green background)
Gold Collectors Series Ent. Magazine Unofficial Tour Special (several live concert photos)
CDs Bootleg-free~!
Foo Fighters - There Is Nothing Left to Lose
EXILE - We Will Single
Gackt - Seventh Night ~Unplugged~ Album
Manga (E - English; C - Chinese; J - Japanese)
Lawful Drug Vol. 1 - J
Time Stranger Kyoko Vol. 1-3 (Complete) - C
Juvenile Orion Vol. 1- E
Wish Vol. 1, 2 - E
Gravitation Vol. 1 - E
Under the Glass Moon Vol. 1 - E
Inuyasha Vol. 1 (larger first press) - E
Playstation Games (lack original jewel cases - instruction booklets included)
Mort the Chicken
Jewel BEM Hunter Lime Vol. 1
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz
Video Girl Ai
Nightwalker Midnight Detective: Vol. 1
Two-Mix - White Reflection the Movie (VCD bootleg)
Fruits Basket
Summer Card #18 (Hatori, Shigure)
Summer Card #11 (Tohru, Kyou, Yuki)
Tohru Postcard (pink, from Hana to Yume)
Badges: 1 Tohru, 1 Kyou, 1 Yuki (from Hana to Yume)
Clear Postcard Set (3)
Shitajiki (images):
#0502 (signed by Yasuhara Reiko - Hana's seiyuu)
Trouble Chocolate Lami #3
Wish Shitajiki #1296 (image)
Samurai Deeper Kyo
AnimeWorks promo stickers (5x3):
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It ended up being a size too big for me. It's 26" in length with a waist of 16", chest 17". Asking for $25 (again this is brand new and never worn)
Official Ani-Mayhem card game (1995 by Pioneer) - comes with original instructions and full deck (no expansions)

Interested? I accept: PayPal (preferred; no credit cards); checks; money orders; well-concealed cash (at your own risk). Sorry, I don't ship internationally and shipping will vary with your order so I'll give you a quote if you do buy something from me. Leave a comment here .If more than one person wants something, highest offer till Wednesday, February 9th will get them - in which case just reply to someone else's offer with your own.
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early spring cleaning


-Gravitation vol. 2 (American release, region 1)
-Wolf's Rain vol. 1 & 2 (American release, region 1)

-hide "Film the Psychommunity" Reel 1 & 2
-TAKUI "Crap the Clip 2"

-Pierrot "HEAVEN The Customized Landscape" (First-press w/ slipcover & mini photobook - it has some wear and tear on the corners, and the jewel case has a few scratches. Plays fine.)
-KUROYUME "EMI 1994-1998 BEST or WORST SOFT DISK & HARD DISK" (Two CD set, comes with a fold-out sheet of lyrics and a pleather-cover (?) booklet with the lyrics)
-MUCC "Fu wo tateru uta"
-MUCC "Ware, arubeki basho" Type B
-Wolf's Rain Soundtrack
-Pierrot "Psychedelic Lover"
-the pillows "Terminal Heaven's Rock"
-cali≠gari "Dai 6 Jikkenshitsu" (comes in a nice little box w/ several photocards that have the lyrics on the back. I lost the little pin that came with this a while ago, sorry >~<;)

-SHOXX 2004/04 (Psycho le Cemu cover) [ON HOLD]
-SHOXX 2004/09 (Nightmare cover) poster included
-SHOXX 2004/11 (Gazette cover)
-SHOXX 2005/01 (Nightmare cover) poster included
-SHOXX 2005/02 (Fanatic Crisis cover) poster included
-UV 2002/10 (Hotei one side/Youjeen one side cover)
-WHAT's IN? 2001/05 (Glay cover)*
*This is in pretty bad condition.. I bought it used and it had things clipped out to begin with and then I've had it for a while too. I'll throw this in free if you order something else. (If you really want it.. o_O)

Band Flyers
-Danger Gang
-Allegory Pill
-La Vie En Rose
-Jaguar (2)
-moll'e node
-S'CUBE Omnibus Album "Shoudougai" Flyer
-Kuruizeki Thunder Road IV (I think this is a flyer for a live event..?)

I have three Harry Potter & one Guilty Gear doujin up for sale. I couldn't really tell you the circle/title (Sorry >~<;) but I can provide cover scans if you're interested. The stories in all pf them are mainly gag, some have a bit of shounen-ai.

Currently I can only accept payment by money order or well concealed cash. Shipping will be calculated when you tell me which items you want & your zipcode. If you want pictures of anything, I'll do my best (digicam is dead.. stuff like flyers I can scan though.) I am looking to sell mainly, but I will consider trading for the following items only:
-J-Rock (CDs or merch)
-Weiß Kreuz doujinshi or drama CDs

Thanks for looking! I'll put more anime things (poster/manga/plush) up later.
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Beast Brut falling

(no subject)

Who was it that was going to buy the Nightmare poster from me? (like, in December??). I believe you when you said you sent the money but I never got it and kind of forgot about it. Do you want to buy it still or should I put it up here to sell? Hate to charge you twice, but I'd also rather not send out a free poster >>


(no subject)

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Everything is cheap! Please offer a price -- I'm very reasonable, the more you buy the cheaper

If you've gotten something from this list and haven't heard from me please let me know or email me at kurarisa(at)hotmail(dot)com
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(no subject)

As much as I hate to do this, this is my first selling of any of my H!P goods.

Matsuura Aya Alo Hello 2nd Photobook
Only looked at once. In almost new condition!

Will sell for $30 + $3 shipping OR trade for other H!P Photobooks or other H!P goods. Please make an offer.
panic attack!

(no subject)

some cds for sale/trade..
malice mizer - memoire DX
BoA - valenti + dvd
m-flo - expo expo
crystal kay - ck5, candy, girl u
soulhead - lover, knight, man, reflection
olivia - the lost lolli
x-japan - the last song
gackt - mirror
psycho le cemu - ai no uta + dvd
ayumi hamasaki - seasons
raphael - lost graduation

will trade for kagrra and flyers
i will give you a gmail invite for a flyer (lol n__n)
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Doujinshi Search Feb 7th-21st

For a limited time, AI-TEN staff will again be accepting special orders on doujinshi.

We will search for doujin based on artist, pairing, and/or series and sell our findings to you for a flat fee of $10 per book (with a few exceptions in the case of extremely thick or expensive books). We will provide as many books as you specify, up to 10 for first-time customers and up to 30 for returning customers.

If you have pulled out of finders-deals with us in the past, please refrain from requesting.

Shipping will be an additional $7.50 (air) for the first book + $2 for each book after. There will also be a $2 over-size charge in the case of books larger than B5 size or with more than 60 pages. Sea mail is available on request for large orders at a cost of bit less.

You will have a chance to review the cover images of any books you buy for you BEFORE you are billed. Any books you reject will be sold on ebay or offered to those on garagesale japan at a reduced price (at which point, you will not be able to purchase them yourself).

Payment by paypal or cash via registered mail only. Japanese Yen or US $ (please contact us for correct exchange information).

post inquiries here, send via email ( shounenaiten(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)jp ), or try AIM ~ hikari naki yami :)

Please do not request any more books than you can afford to pay for in the case that you accept ALL of them. Also please note that, as your pile grows, it will be your responsibility to tell us when to stop looking (we do expect you to purchase at least SOME of the books we find for you).

++Tips to Improve Results++

-if you are looking for specific books, please include circle/artist names, titles and if possible images of the books in question
-less specific requests are easier to fill. It's MUCH easier to search by pairing or series than by artist
-if you are requesting a series that has many many many characters (Prince of Tennis, Haruktoki, Angelique, Tokimeki Memorial, etc) please include both the names of the characters ~and~ images of them in your request ^_^;


We will ONLY accept orders through the 7th. Once search begins, we will not add any new orders, only fill those that we've recieved.
TV/Vampire Diaries - Caroline/Klaus


Shipping - $1 per book. I can only ship within the US. All prices are negotiable. I prefer paypal but will work with you on other ways of payment.

All in English

Tsubasa:Resovoir Chronicle vo.1

Gate Keepers vo.1
Gate Keepers vo.2

Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Perfect Collection vo.1 - 5$

Get Backers vo.1 - $5
Get Backers vo.2 - $5
Get Backers vo.3

Naruto vo.1 - 4$
Naruto vo.2 - 4$

Cheeky Angel vo.1

Revolutionary Girl Utena vo.1 - $6
Revolutionary Girl Utena vo.2 - $5

Shirahime-Syo (hard cover) - 15$ (or best offer!!!!)

Want list
English only
Sensual Phrase 3-5
Sensual Phrase OST
Angel Sanctuary 2+
Anything by Kaori Yuki
Revolutionary Girl Utena 3+

AIM: beautiful taboo
Email: aylajade@livejournal.com
Baka to Test - Perfect Area Complete
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Does anyone have Happy Mania 6+(English version) that they're willing to part with? I'm up for trading or paying.
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(no subject)

I need to get rid of my anime stuff. Im selling a lot, so if you're interested, please check it out;http://www.livejournal.com/users/angelthing/20913.html

Tapes - $6 each
Fushigi Yugi Eps 1-10 (Three tapes)
Weiss Kruez Eps 1-5 (one tape)
Weiss Kruez Eps 3-4 (one tape)
Mamotte Shugogetten Eps 1-12 & Ova (five tapes)
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Eps 5-12 (two tapes)
Briga Doom Vol. 1 (one tape)
Escaflowne Eps 1-4 (one tape)
Gundam Wing Ep 1 (one tape)

Card Captor Sakura Eps 1-4 - $12
Sorcerer on the Rocks Eps 1-3 - $5
Soul Hunter Vol 2 - $5

Comic Books - $6 each
Excel Saga (two books) +
Angel Sanctuary (ten books) +
Balde of the Immortal Vol 2 & 4 (two books) - $8 each

Pencil Boards - $4 each
Weiss Kreuz #1
Weiss Kreuz #2

For Details please go here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/angelthing/20913.html

Looking for...

... Parasyte Vol. 7 and up! It's such a fabulous series--too bad it went out of print. Tokyopop really should re-release it.

If you have any (of the specified) Parasyte manga, please give me an idea of pricing. I may want to negotiate or trade, if that's OK. <3 (Hey! It can't hurt to ask!)

Thanks in advance!
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