February 7th, 2005


Hello everyone :)

We are a group of three students studying abroad in Japan. We've started a small online shop called "Osaka Jihen" in hopes to hook everyone back in America up with Japanese products. Instead of mainly stocking products, we will take requests from people looking for specific manga, art books, CDs, etc. We can buy either new, or used products, if you're like us poor university students and like to save money, hehe.

Before we really get started, we were just wondering if our store will generate any interest? Please leave a comment if you'd be interested in purchasing through us.

Thank you! :)

Edit: Since there's some interest, please e-mail us with your requests at osakajihen at gmail dot com.
We specialize in used goods because that is the best way to save our customers money, especially given that many sites already offer newer goods. However, we can take requests for hard to find merchandise or new goods if you are interested in going through us :)
Thanks again! =D
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Import Video Game & Anime Posters, $5 Each! Hundreds of them!

(Note to people who saw this post last month, I don't have anything new. Just still trying to sell the posters I still have!)

I have hundreds of video game & anime posters for sale, and I'm selling them ALL at one low price of $5 each! These are all official promotional posters from Japan, measuring about 20x29 inches (B2 size).

You can view the complete selection of posters I have available here, complete with thumbnails for easy browsing. Remember, ALL of them are just $5 each!

Shipping within the U.S. will cost $5 for 1-4 posters, and a bit more for more.. I will ship internationally as well. I'd prefer payment by PayPal.

If you see any you want, email me (as the page says) at mrartemis@comcast.net with the list of filenames for the ones you want, and I will let you know if they are still available. (If you want more than 4, include your zip code as well so I can tell you the shipping cost to your location)

If you'd like an idea of my selling reputation, you can view my eBay feedback here.

Happy hunting :)
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On another search . . . . *sigh*

Hey there, everyone. I'm on another little search again. I hope you guys can help me out.

I'm looking for posters. Mainly anime. Not sure on what show though, but just anime posters. Mainly with bishies . . . (I have naked walls; something belongs there! Please help me decorate it!)

If you have any that you're willing to sell, tell me your price(s) and the shipping costs (I'm in VA if you wanted to know), if any. I can only give out concealed cash, so I hope you guys can accept that.

Thank you very much! ^__^
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Thank you for your interest in our store! For those who do not recognize us, please see our last post here: Our First Post :)

Here is a current list of what we are selling. Please note that all of these CD's are used and in great condition. They all come with their original CD cases as well. If you are interested in purchasing anything, please click here to e-mail us or send your request to osakajihen [at] gmail [dot] com.

1) Our preferred method of payment is with Paypal, but we can also accept cash on the following conditions:
*1* We cannot be responsible if the money does not make it to us, sending cash through the mail can be risky so please take care that you insure it in some way
*2* If you cannot send the money in Japanese Yen, we will have to charge you a fee in order to exchange the money to yen in Japan
*3* We will ship your order upon receiving your payment

2) As we only have a limited number of each of these CD's they are first-come first-serve, we will try to update the status of this list at least twice a day to give everyone an idea of what is left

3) Upon receiving your request, we will send a confirmation e-mail with an order number and payment information, please include this order number with your payment. Also, please write us back with your shipping address. As soon as payment is received we will send it ~

In case you are wondering about shipping rates, please see the website below. Note that these numbers are not final and can change depending on the package.

Once again thanks and feel free to send any questions to the e-mail above.

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I really need to get rid of this stuff...if you don't like the price, please give me an offer

Tapes - $6 each
Fushigi Yugi Eps 1-10 (Three tapes)
Weiss Kruez Eps 1-5 (one tape)
Weiss Kruez Eps 3-4 (one tape)
Mamotte Shugogetten Eps 1-12 & Ova (five tapes)
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Eps 5-12 (two tapes)
Briga Doom Vol. 1 (one tape)
Escaflowne Eps 1-4 (one tape)
Gundam Wing Ep 1 (one tape)

Card Captor Sakura Eps 1-4 - $12
Sorcerer on the Rocks Eps 1-3 - $5
Soul Hunter Vol 2 - $5

Comic Books - $6 each
Excel Saga (two books) +in jap. only
Angel Sanctuary (ten books) +in jap. only
Balde of the Immortal Vol 2 & 4 (two books) - $8 each

For Details please go here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/angelthing/20913.html