February 8th, 2005

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last call for doujinshi requests

This is the last call for Ai-Ten's February doujinshi search.

$10 a book + shipping, opportunity to reject by cover, can request (in order of likely success) by series, character, pairing, circle/artist, title + circle (in this case it's very helpful to include a picture).

We will be CLOSING to new requests on the 9th: no exceptions. Ask now, or wait until the next search period.

Please post all new requests in this thread, as we've already compiled the other threads/mails into lists for our searchers and would like to keep the new orders together.

NOTE: To those who have been requesting specific Visual Kei doujinshi ~ it probably isn't going to happen. VK-themed RPS books are rarer than hell here, and while we may have a chance finding a couple at any given time, they're very, very, very unlikely to be the exact same books we've found in the past. Those requesting Visual Kei doujinshi: please limit your requests to band, band/pairing or band + circle (also unlikely, but not impossible).

Thanks so much, we've already found quite a lot and anticipate a few very happy people :} We'll post our current results at the end of the day.

For those who missed the original posts and need more information, see This Thread

(imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ^_^/)

Update List

Here is an updated list of the CD's we are selling. E-mail us at osakajihen [at] gmail [dot] com to purchase :)

Please note all of these CD's are *used* and in good condition! :) They come with their original cases.

Shipping cost depends on how many CD's are purchased and where you live, but the average cost is usually between $5-10.

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Other items for sale:

Photo Books:
Gackt - Mizerable -- $22
Glay - Life Record in America -- $75
Luna Sea - Zoe -- $15

There are also some Morning Musume photo books, Malice Mizer box sets, the Gackt Bible Box Set, and lots of Luna Sea Sheet Music Books. If you are interested in these, please send us an e-mail with the specific item you are looking for :)

buy stuff. Or just look. Either way...

I am still trying to pawn off some manga and made a REALLY UGLY AND BASIC site so people could see more info about the Japanese manga. Take a gander. Shipping isn't included and prices are COMPLETELY flexable. I really just want some space on my shelf... All that is up right now is English and Japanese manga. CDs and stuff will be up...eventually. I'll post when they are.



(no subject)

Astroboy figure (Macdonald's gift..given out only in Japan and no more left..which means it's "RARE"..and it's still in the original package)
10usd + shipping

Spirited away - Japanese booklet (used)
13usd + shipping (3usd max.)

can provide photos if required.


hey guys! i`m here listing out the last of my goods. brand new tagged old navy mint green flats, two purses, lime green ballet flats, old navy floral flats, electric yellow mary janes brand new with tags, and mesh hot pink flats. sizes are from 8 to 10`s. so check it out behind cut!

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let go

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Ok, doujinshi's for sale that I really don't need in my collection anymore. Click on the links to see the pictures, so I'm being nice.

I'm open to changing of prices, depending. S&H is $2 in the US. I'll take paypal, check or very well concealed cash (at your own risk). Just send me an email or comment if you want these. snowtigra@yahoo.com

Pictures can be taken of insides at request. Sorry, I know nothing about circles and stuff like that.

Sakura Wars - $5
Summary type: Cute whitish haired girl in various outfits. I dunno the story at all, but she looks like a little boy a lot.

Kenshin - $5
** Shonen ai type story between Kenshin and that smiling kid who's name escapes me

Harry Potter - $5
** Real cute with lots of characters from the third movie on, Tom Riddle and Lupin and of course the usual cast.

Fruits Basket - $5
** Random story with craziness akin to the show. Crossdressing full page shots of Aya-chan. Not as yaoi as the cover suggests, sadly.

Card Captor Sakura - $5
**Various characters trying on each other's outfits and Tooya in bunny ears. Very cutesy style

Dagwon - $5 each
** I know nothing about this series. I got these from a grab bag. Lots of boylove, more sweet then outright yaoi

Sorcerer Stabber Orphen - $10
** Large and beautiful art. Back third of the book is a novel. But the rest is well done, and I really wish I could read japanese!

Gundam Wing - $5 each
** Both Heero and Duo centric, with more action in the second one. Very good art though, and the first one has some niiiice drawings of the other pilots as well.