February 10th, 2005

panic attack!

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clearing somethings out to pay back everyone I borrowed money from
all CDs are official releases!

malice mizer - memoire DX (on hold?)
malice mizer - Bara no Seidou (FIRST PRESS! 32+ COLOUR PAGES! BOOK-TYPE CASE! MINT CONDITION) (on hold?)
olivia - the lost lolli (on hold?)
x-japan - the last song
gackt - mirror
gackt - MOON (hardcover book ver)
psycho le cemu - ai no uta + dvd (on hold?)
psycho le cemu - a trip to arcadia (on hold?)
psycho le cemu - miracle high tension (on hold?)
raphael - lost graduation
pierrot - last letter 3"
Hide - tribue spirits + stickers
Hide - Pink spider 3"
Zilch - 3 2 1 - first press + stickers
Shiina Ringo - Shouso Strip - First press
l'arc en ciel - neo universe - first press (on hold?)
l'arc en ciel - love flies (on hold?)
l'arc en ciel - Kaze ni kienaide*
l'arc en ciel - Lies and Truth*
l'arc en ciel - Kasou*
--> I have one of those l'arc tofu record cards...if you buy a bunch I will give it to you
(I wish I had more to give some to each purchase :X)

*if you were the one who told me to hold it, leave me a comment. It's been a long time!

j-r&b, j-hip-hop, j-rap
m-flo - expo expo
crystal kay - ck5, candy, girl u
soulhead - lover, knight, man, reflection
double - 2wonderful (on hold?) **

** I sent soem emails, did you get them? gmail is being weird and slow.

ayumi hamasaki - seasons
ayumi hamasaki - Audience
ayumi hamasaki - love destiny 3"
ayumi hamasaki - Forgiveness
ayumi hamasaki - A Song is Born
ayumi hamasaki - H {white}
ayumi hamasaki - &
ayumi hamasaki - Daybreak
ayumi hamasaki - VOYAGE
ayumi hamasaki - A
ayumi hamasaki - Evolution
ayumi hamasaki - Endless Sorrow
ayumi hamasaki - Vogue
ayumi hamasaki - Never Ever
ayumi hamasaki - Far Away
ayumi hamasaki - M
ayumi hamasaki - Unite!
ayumi hamasaki - Free & Easy
ayumi hamasaki - Surreal
ayumi hamasaki - Boys and Girls
ayumi hamasaki - Dearest
BoA - valenti + dvd
hitomi - huma rhythm - first press
hitomi - h
bonnie pink - heaven's kitchen (on hold?)

Battle Royale
-->will be up soon

other manga
Tokyo Babylon vol 1
Shutterbox vol 1
Lament of the lamb vol 1
Chobits vol 1-3

leave comment with offer, method of payment, and e-mail

I accept Paypal (preferred) concealed cash (in YEN (preferred), CAD, USD), MOs, cheques
Shipping is $5.50 to Canada and US flat rate for everything under 300g (usually 3 normal-size/weight albums and 3-5 singles) and $1.25 for each cd after that. The items are shipped by airmail. surface mail is a cheaper alternative. If you just buy one 3", a cheaper method is available :D

not really looking to trade but I am interested in some things by
kagrra, mucc, la mule, ancafe, 12012, nightmare, D, and other j-rock/vkei bands
anything from CDs, flyers, autograph boards, message CDs, etc,etc,etc
I am looking for some flyers too n__n (we can trade..or I can give you gmail invite(s) XD)
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More Jrock Goodies for Sale!

Konbanwa Minna-san!

I just put up soem more stuff for sale on e-bay.....it's that time to empty the shelves for new merchandise. Here are the links...if you have any questions or would like to see more pics let me know.

Baiser "Heaven" Photobook

Arena 37 Aug. 2002 Dir en Grey on the cover

Shoxx June 2003 Psycho le Cemu on the cover w/ poster

Vision of Escaflowne ost 1

I am desperately trying to locate this cd in original Japanese format,not a hong kong or sonnmay knockoff.I will gladly buy it
used just as long as its in good to excellent condition.
Serious sellers please contact


thank you.
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CDs (Rurouni Kenshin, Yami no Matsuei, etc.), DVDs (Furuba)

Hello, all. In addition to the items in my last post, I have several other things for sale. Please check them out and let me know if you're interested.

All prices are negotiable. If you can't afford something, just make me your best offer, and I'll see if we can work something out.

CDs (These prices are just the base prices. Add $4.00 for shipping within the U.S. (I always ship via priority mail with delivery confirmation so that the item can be tracked on both sides. Add $1.00 if you want insurance.) As for international shipping, I'd have to find out those prices later and get back to you.)

~*All CDs are used, but in good condition, unless otherwise specified.*~


Angel Sanctuary: Original OVA Soundtrack - $7.99 - Includes the TV edit of "Knife of Romance."

Yami no Matsuei: Hiiro no Tsuki (Original Soundtrack Vol. 1) - $7.99 - Includes the TV edits of "Eden" and "Love Me."

Rurouni Kenshin: Director's Collection - $7.99 - Includes "Run to You (Director's Mix)," "The Last Wolf Suite (Director's Mix)," Warrior's Blue (Frozen Mix)," and various other songs.

Rurouni Kenshin: Original OVA Soundtrack - $10.99 (*NEW*) - This is the soundtrack for the first OVA, not Seisou Hen. It includes "Memories 'A Boy Meets The Man'," "One of These Nights," "Blood," "In the Rain," and various other songs. It's brand new and still factory sealed.


L'Arc~en~Ciel: Clicked Singles Best 13 - $10.99 - Includes "Blurry Eyes," "flower," "Lies and Truth," "Honey," and various other songs.

Malice Mizer: Memoire + Voyage (sans retour) - $8.99 - Includes "seraph," "Transylvania," "premier amour," "Madrigal" and various other songs.

Hyde: Hello & The Other Side - $9.99 (*NEW*) - This is Hyde's CD single, including "Hello" and "The Other Side" (of course). It's brand new and still factory sealed.


Fruits Basket - $25 - Episodes 1-26 (entire series). Just to let you know, this is the Hong Kong import. The language is Japanese with optional English or Chinese subs. (Purchase pending.)


Accepted payment methods: Paypal, which is my preferred method; however, I won't ship the item until the money clears from Paypal into my bank account, which usually takes 3-4 business days, or money orders.

And that's all for now. Please let me know if you're interested in anything!
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