February 11th, 2005

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Lots of Manga and Anime! now with more figures! *updated*!!

Hi, I thought I'd just put up some stuff that others might be dying for! Help me make my rent! I'm massively in debt! ^.^ (have updated and added!)

Manga: $5 each
(all are American releases)
Magic Knight Rayearth #4
Flame Of Recca 1
Mars 1
Marmalade Boy 1
Ragnarok 1
X: Prelude
X: Overture
X: Sonata
Peach Girl 1-4
Kodocha (Kodomo no Omocha) 1-2
Princess Prince

Books: $10 each
(American release)
Battle Royale

VHS: $3 per dubbed tape; $5 per subbed tape
(American release)
Sailor Moon Super S #1 (dubbed)
Slayers: the Motion Picture (dubbed)
Fushigi Yugi #3 (subbed)
Fushigi Yugi #4 (subbed)
Fushigi Yugi #10 (subbed)
Saber Marionette J #2 (subbed)
Dragonball Z: Saiyan Arrival (dubbed)
Ah! My Goddess!: The Movie (dubbed)
Tenchi Collection 3 (dubbed)
The Wanderers: El Hazard TV Series Vol. 5 - The Violent Winds (dubbed)
The Wanderers: El Hazard TV Series Vol. 7 - The Final Adventure (dubbed)
Burn Up! (subbed) (must prove you're over 18. . . paypal only)
Sorcerer Hunters - Vol. 1: Of Inhuman Bondage (subbed) (on hold)
Sorcerer Hunters - Vol. 2: 2 Beauties & A Beast (subbed) (on hold)
Sorcerer Hunters - Vol. 3: Fires of Passion (subbed) (on hold)
Bastard!! - Complete Boxed Set (subbed) ($15 for this set, 1/2 off!) (on hold)
Haunted Junction 1 - It's Good to Have School Spirits (subbed) (on hold)

DVD: $8 per DVD
(all American release dual language)
KO Beast Century #1
Cosplay Encylopedia
Love Hina #2
Devil Hunter Yohko Collection 1 (on hold)
Ranma 1/2: Ranma Forever Vol. 8 - Someday, Somehow

And because of many pictures,
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Shipping is not included, but I am a pretty good judge on shipping. It usually never costs more than $2 for one item, and usually up to 4 or 5 items. Just contact me with what you would like, and I'll give you a sensible estimate.

I accept Paypal, and money orders. If you are interested in anything, please comment with what you would like, and your address! Thankies!
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Posters for sale

Phantasmagoria - Cure Vol. 17 2005
Fanatic Crisis - Shoxx Vol. 144 2005
Nightmare - Shoxx Vol. 143 2005
Imitation PoPs Uchuu Sentai NOIZ - Cure Vol 11 2004
Plastic Tree - Shox Vol. 140 2004
Rentrer en Soi - Cure Vol. 12 2004
Fanatic Crisis(mini poster) - Shoxx Bis 2004
Rag Fair (double Side) - Arena 37C Vol. 10 2004

All posters are in very good condition. Most have 4 small pin holes on each corner, though some do not. Pictures are available upon request in needed. I am looking around 5 for each poster not including shipping. I am open to buyer's recommended pricing. I take money order from post office or bank and concealed cash at buyers risk. If you are interested please comment here or you can contact me at:

e-mail - kaminarirock@gmail.com
aim: Kaminari Rock

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For those that showed interest in my MIYAVI Ebay auctions before, they're ending in a few hours.

There's Jibun Kakumei 2003 First Press, Jingle Bell single, Arena 37c Special with the Kitten magazine & trading cards. :x
Also a 1996 issue of Shoxx with L'Arc-en-Ciel on the cover & a Psycho le Cemu Shoxx poster.

the auctions

thank you..
Howl -- owie.
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Manga and Anime for sale/trade.

First time poster, here's hoping I do this right ^_^

Anime DVDs are either for sale or trade.

Anime DVDS: Multi Zone:

-Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness - complete box set. $25.

Not the official version. Has subbed, dubbed and raw options, still has its original casing which is in perfect condition, as are the disks.

-Yu-Gi-Oh, Turn 17 (episodes 148-155) - $10
-Yu-Gi-Oh Turn 18 (episodes 156-163) - $10
-Yu-Gi-Oh Turn 19 (episodes 164-171) - $10

Or all three for $25. These are the Hong King subs, and the quality of the subs is only average. Certainly much better than the earlier YGO episodes, but certainly not perfect either. All disks are in perfect condition.

Anime DVDS: Zone Four:

These following DVDs are official New Zealand releases of anime, which means they are zone four. As a result, they will only play on multi-zone DVD players, which is pretty much ALL DVD players these days, so there shouldn’t really be any problems.

-Cardcaptors, Volume Two - $12
-Cardcaptors, Volume Three - $12
-Cardcaptors, Volume Four. - $12

Or all three for $30. All three are in perfect condition, only watched once.

-Arjuna, Volume 01. Perfect condition. $12
-Serial Experiments Lain, Volume 03. Perfect condition. $12
-Love Hina, Christmas Special. A couple of scratches on the actual disk, but works perfectly. $10.
-Initial D. Volume One. Perfect condition, comes with some stickers. $10.

The manga listed below are for trade only. All are in English.

-Wish, Volume One.
-Ceres, Volume One.
-Nadesico, Volume One.
-Yu-Gi-Oh, Volume One.
-Yu-Gi-Oh, Volume Two.
-Yu-Gi-Oh, Volume Three.
-Yu-Gi-Oh, Volume Four.
-Yu-Gi-Oh, Volume Five.


-(The Heroic Legends of) Arslan OVAs. Much, much love to anyone who can trade/sell this.
-The 12 Kingdoms.
-Legal Drug manga.
-Hana-Kimi 3-4
-Vampire Game vol. 7.
-Love Mode manga (Japanese) 8-11.
-Any volumes of the Fushigi Yugi manga that feature Keisuke in a decent sized role.

… or anything you might have on your own list that might interest me. As long as it has pretty boys, I'm generally interested ^_^

Payable only through Paypal, and shipping prices are not included. Shipping is from New Zealand. Contact email is: cairnsynz@yahoo.com