February 12th, 2005

Soprano's do it on top
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I'm looking for one of thise Pikachu virtual pets.

I used to have one, but when I moved I lost it. :(

So if anyone has one, you can comment or e-mail me at DanderKayt@yahoo.com

Thank you!

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me: the emerald city

This is what I call buyer's remorse.

I have a copy of Hyper Pop Beat volume 20, which has Gackt on the cover.

Changed my mind after I had it for about a week. Asking $15 to get back what I paid for it.

Other artists inside: Miyavi, Glay, Exile, TM Revolution, baroque, w-inds., Orange Range, Kimeru, Plastic Tree, Psycho Le Cému, and more. There is a poster of Miyavi / TM Revolution inside that I have never taken out.

Maybe someone here will give it the love I just can't find in myself. ._.
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Mini Me!
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Street fashion sale!

To celebrate the new site we are having a sale just for you guys!!!! For every one who gets our updates we have a 10% off coupon on all our winter goods....

Poof-Chan Mascots
Poof-Chan Bangles
Monster Stoles
Tiny Acorn Hoodies
Undefeated Champ Reglans

Just type in the coupon code byewinter to get 10% of any of these items. Coupon is good till march 1st.

Come join in the new site party!!!!
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doujinshi search result update

First batch of AI-TEN's Feb doujin search results have been posted. Those who requested, please take a look and see if we've found anything for you.

If your name does not yet appear on the list, don't worry, we've got about 2/3rds left to sort and photograph until we're up-to-date.

Click Here to have a look