February 13th, 2005

selling again

Hello! I'm selling things again to fund my next purchases :P

Prices do not include shipping. I prefer shipping to North America, but will ship to other countries if you are willing to pay the shipping fees. I *strongly* prefer PERSONAL paypal. I do not want to pay anyone's fees. I will also accept concealed cash at your own risk. Now that I have a reliable mode of transport, I will be able to send packages on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. My email is zundokoATgmailDOTcom. Please leave your email if you would like to buy something so I can contact you, it's easier to keep track of things that way. Also, pictures are available, just ask. And, everything is official. ^^ These are what I think are reasonable prices, but I'm open for bargaining. Thank you very much!


HYDE - evergreen ($5 - good condition)
Glay - soul love ($5 - good condition)
Glay - kuchibiru (there's one girl that has wanted to buy this before, she gets first dibs~) ($3 - not good condition)
Glay - be with you ($4 - sides of the paper case (8-cm.) have minor dents, etc. Otherwise good.)
Glay - DRIVE -GLAY complete BEST ($25 - NEW)
La'Mule - ketsukai ~garasu something something~ ($10 - good condition)
sophia - missle ($4 - pretty good condition)
sophia - oar ($4 - pretty good condition)
sophia - walk ($4 - pretty good condition)

Luna Sea - Luna Sea ($20 - NEW)
Luna Sea - singles [2-disc] ($20 - case has some scratches, otherwise good)

SHOXX & G&L Bible

SHOXX vol. 133 3/2004 - MUCC cover, feat. plastic tree, PLC, naito, miyavi, kagerou) (asking $15 to get back what I paid for it)
Gothic & Lolita Bible vol. 9 - with aya (PLC), miyavi, mana, and kana (good condition, no poster/pattern - make an offer)

Poster/magazine clippings/flyers

Gackt/Kiyoharu 2-sided poster - $7

w-inds/hirakawachi icchoume 2-sided poster - $5

11 w-inds pages - $.5/each
6 utada hikaru pages - $.5/each
11 plastic tree pages - $.5/each

[flyers] Devise en Despair, Duel Jewel (vermillion), nil_admirari, the dead pop stars (2004.6.20 one-man live), sinkro (surii drug), moi dix mois (shadows temple) ($1 each, or one free one if you buy something else)

Thanks again!
Baka to Test - Perfect Area Complete
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I've got some stuff on eBay here. ^^;; I wanted to take advantage of the old rates before eBay's next rate hike.

Ending today are: Kaori Yuki's Cruel Fairytales and Gravel Kingdom, Full Moon wo Sagashite 1-2, Mayu Shinjo's Kimi Sae mo Ai no Kusari, Clamp's Clover, Naruto Orochimaru Figure, Pokemon socks of Kimori(Treecko) and Eneko(Skitty), Gundam Wing doujinshi anthology, Dragonball figure of General Tao, Hikaru no Go Hikaru and Waya keychains, and two Pichi Pichi Pitch keychains.

Ending in about two days are: Fushigi Yuugi Japanese tape, Neon Genesis Evagelion special, Ghost/Eerie Queerie manga in japanese, Gakuen Heaven Boy's Love Scramble doujinshi anthology, Prince of Tennis doujinshi, Digimon Tamers doujinshi, Saiyuki Gaiden(HomuraxKonzen) doujinshi, Yu-Gi-Oh doujinshi, Cyborg 009 doujinshi, Angel Hunt and Full Moon wo Sagashite furoku, and shijitaki for Gundam Wing and Slayers TRY.

Take a look if you're interested! Thanks!
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dear angela..

(no subject)

Hi! ^_^ What I wish for:I'm looking for some Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live things really anything in that catagory. Anything Sailormoon related. What I have:I also have Mars manga 2-5 and Rayearth vol. 1 I have sailormoon trading cards and sailormoon stationary/ Chibiusa staionary. I also have Sailormoon VHS Good queen, bad queen, Secret Idenities (dubbed)Sailormoon S (dubbed) VHS Back from the future Sailormoon S (dubbed) pure hearts DVD Sailormoon S Heart collection VI ( its one individual dvd though I also have 2 MIxx magazines OCt 1997 and Dec. 1997 both w/ Sailormoon on them. They are in excelent condition too. I can trade or what not.
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Samsara & 6th Doctor

(no subject)

I listed all my Anime Item's well most of them anyway on Ebay. I finally got my manga's back from my younger sister. So here's the word on those. Also I'm looking for Vampire Game the manga, if anyone has the mangas willing to sell or trade let me know!

Kenshin SJ English Manga's Vol's 1-3 are in near semi-mint shape I'm asking 11.00 for all 3 of them.

Vol's 4-7 Have NEVER been read, they've just been sitting on a self mixed with goosebumps. I'm asking 7.00 each for those so total for all 4, $28.00

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Leehom - can't touch this

buy my stuff please

MANGA $8 (in great condition)
Chrno Crusade #1
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) #1
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) #2

Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) - Dead Ringer Episodes 1 - 5
Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) - Lost Boys Episodes 6 - 10
Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) - Midnight Finale Episode 21 - 25

Digimon The Movie
Cardcaptor Sakura - Friends Forever Episodes 9 -12

I also got some cpop cds. Pictures of everything are available at my lj.

Thanks for looking!

Morning Musume photo set...

Morning Musume/Mini Moni MARI YAGUCHI 18 photos set, click HERE if interested!

Really cute photo photos of Japanese pop star, Mari Yaguchi. Great gift for yourself or someone you know who loves Morning Musume! Starting price of $29.99, so you're paying less than $2 a picture!

If you have any questions, please comment here or email me, and I'll be glad to help.
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