February 15th, 2005

shinchan pat

cute ninja keychain ^_^

first of all, sorry for the blurry image...it was the clearest i could get it ;_;

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I'm selling these for $3.50 each. Shipping and handling are INCLUDED!!! please email me if you're interested:

(oh yeah, the text on the bottom left says "Oh crap! I'm caught!!" [something among the lines of that, i asked my Japanese teacher ^_^;;]

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selling nuch of stuff that's been lying around my room for ages. Mostly japanese-langauge anime-related items. I prefer shipping in North America, but I'll ship international if you'll pay the shipping. I accept *personal* paypal or well-hidden cash [ at your own risk though ;p ]. Prices do not include shipping. Pictures of all items avaliable on request..


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Samsara & 6th Doctor

Kenshin Manga's!

I listed all my Anime Item's well most of them anyway on Ebay. I finally got my manga's back from my younger sister. So here's the word on those. Also I'm looking for Vampire Game the manga, if anyone has the mangas willing to sell or trade let me know!

Kenshin SJ English Manga's Vol's 1-3 are in near semi-mint shape I'm asking 11.00 for all 3 of them.

Vol's 4-7 Have NEVER been read, they've just been sitting on a self mixed with goosebumps. I'm asking 7.00 each for those so total for all 4, $28.00

Total for all the books: 39.00 and if you get them all I'll even toss in for free: Inu-Yasha The Movie 3 that's kinda worth it in my eyes.

Shipping if you want them all to the US is $10.00, Canda buyers my guess is 15-20 to ship.(globel priority mail only 3-6 days)

If your in the US and want to trade for these, then that's fine, but I'm only looking for whats on my list though, unless it's something Yaoiish related that might interest me.

I'm only going to sell to Sell to Canada and US for these mangas. Sorry, but everytime I go to the post office and I get the prices for someone in say, England you have a cow over the shipping. I'm sorry, but I'm getting tired of wasteing my time running to the post office to get you these prices and you change your mind.

Ebay Listing's click here: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZsundance9544QQhtZ-1

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TV/Vampire Diaries - Caroline/Klaus


Shipping - $1 per book. I can only ship within the US. All prices are negotiable. I prefer paypal but I will accept money orders and cash (US$ & at your own risk).

All in English

Tsubasa:Resovoir Chronicle vo.1

Gate Keepers vo.1
Gate Keepers vo.2

Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind Perfect Collection vo.1 - 5$

Get Backers vo.1 - $5
Get Backers vo.2 - $5
Get Backers vo.3

Naruto vo.1 - 4$
Naruto vo.2 - 4$

Cheeky Angel vo.1

Revolutionary Girl Utena vo.1 - $5
Revolutionary Girl Utena vo.2 - $5

Shirahime-Syo (hard cover) - 15$ (or best offer!!!!)

Want list
English only
Sensual Phrase 3-5
Sensual Phrase OST (English only doesn't apply here)
Angel Sanctuary 2+
Battle Royale 1+

If you'd like to trade for something that is not on my want list just comment and let me know. Or if you are selling anything on my want list please let me know what you want for it, it's current condition, and any pictures you might have of the item(s). Thanks.

AIM: beautiful taboo
Email: aylajade@livejournal.com
manpurse - I'll be sending out your book tomorrow morning. I am so sorry for the delay.
Akane126@AIM - I got your cash Monday and I'll be sending your book out tomorrow morning also.
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CD for sale! (i'm just full of it, aren't i?)

Buck-Tick ~ Hurry Up Mode $15 includes shipping anywhere in the US/Canada. international only a little higher for shipping, I would think.

I don't have any pictures of the copy, but here it is on CDJapan. This one includes its original old obi, though the obi is sort of beat up. CD and case are in very good condition considering they're about 15 years old. No scratches on CD at all.

I really need to stop buying lots on ebay. _-_ In fact, I just need to stop ebaying altogether.
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Baka to Test - Perfect Area Complete
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Things that didn't go on eBay, but would love to find homes for. Make offers for payment or trade.

Japanese Manga:

Digimon Tamers 03 - Yaoi Doujinshi Genocide Extreme
Eerie Queerie Vol. 1-3
Gakuen Heaven Boy's Love Scramble - Doujinshi Anthology
Gundam Wing Doujinshi Anthology - Wing Beat 1
Kimi Sae mo Ai no Kusari 1 by Mayu Shinjo
Prince of Tennis BL Doujinshi - Fuji x Tezuka
Yu-Gi-Oh Gag Doujinshi - Find New Way (Kaiba/Yugi)

Japanese Goodies:

Angel Hunt Mirror Furoku - Miyuki Obayashi
Dragonball / DBZ Character Figure - General Tao
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Shijitaki - Heero
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Shijitaki - Pilots
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Shijitaki - Trowa
Hikaru no Go Character Keychain Hikaru & Waya
Naruto Gacha-Gacha Figure Orochimaru Real Collection 2
Pichi Pichi Pitch Anime Character Keychains
Pokemon Anime Socks - Eneko / Skitty
Pokemon Anime Socks - Kimori / Treecko
Slayers TRY Shijitaki - Amelia and Zelgadis Eyecatch

Japanese Tapes:

Fushigi Yuugi OVA VHS
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Genesis 0:0


Battle Royale 2+
Cheeky Angel 4+
Erika Sakurazawa Works
HanaKimi 23
Happy Mania 6-11
Moyoco Anno manga
Rising Stars of Manga 2+
(And anything else really ^^; )

Oh! And one auction on eBay for: Nana Volume 1.
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Chobits & Angelic Layer Volumes 1

Just selling a couple of tokyopop mangas ^^
-will accept paypal only
-shipping to the united states & canada
-price of shipping will be $1 to USA and a bit more to canada (haven't checked yet XD)

Chobits Vol 1 - $4sold
A bit of damage on the spine from sitting on the shelf, but otherwise in good condition.

Angelic Layer Vol 1 - $6
In mint condition

Reply here or email avexbeat[at]yahoo.com if interested =]
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thinking positively

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Very large list of things for sale here. Please take a look, as I'm incredibly broke. There's a little something for everyone on the list.

Also included, but not on the list are the items from this post.


[EDIT] I will be at Katsucon this weekend, so if you're going to be there, I'll waive the shipping costs for anything you buy.