February 16th, 2005

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Evangelion, Final Fantasy X, Fushigi Yuugi, Gundam Wing,
Kenshin, Outlaw Star, Pokemon, Ranma, Rayearth,
Sailormoon, Tenchi Muyo, Utena... Collapse )

Ayumi Hamasaki, GLAY, L'Arc~en~Ciel... Collapse )

*I accept PayPal (including credit card payments) or concealed U.S. cash (at your own risk).
*All prices are up for negotiation.
*Prices listed do not include shipping. Please comment here or e-mail me with your location so I can calculate shipping costs.

E-mail: yatenkou [at] aol [dot] com

-<3 olivia deux
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sailormoon manga (english)

i have sailormoon english manga volume 1-8 and super s volume 1 to sell. may be willing to trade for english manga of ceres 3+ and alice 19th 3+.
accepting offers.

comment here or e-mail me at: staringxgirl[at]hotmail.com

..and i'd like to sell 1-8 as a set, if possible.

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ushitora_icons strength/curse

New things for sale! CDs! Doujinshi! All sorts of stuff!

I've added to my sales, so take a look at the new goodies!

Manga: $5 each
(all are American releases)
Magic Knight Rayearth #4
Flame Of Recca #1
Mars #1
Marmalade Boy #1
Ragnarok #2
X: Prelude
X: Overture
X: Sonata
Peach Girl #1
Peach Girl #2
Peach Girl #3
Peach Girl #4
Kodocha (Kodomo no Omocha) #1
Kodocha (Kodomo no Omocha) #2

VHS: $3 per dubbed tape; $5 per subbed tape
(American release)
Sailor Moon Super S #1 (dubbed)
Slayers: the Motion Picture (dubbed)
Fushigi Yugi #3 (subbed)
Fushigi Yugi #4 (subbed)
Fushigi Yugi #10 (subbed)
Saber Marionette J #2 (subbed)
Dragonball Z: Saiyan Arrival (dubbed)
Ah! My Goddess!: The Movie (dubbed)
Tenchi Collection 3 (dubbed)
The Wanderers: El Hazard TV Series Vol. 5 - The Violent Winds (dubbed)
The Wanderers: El Hazard TV Series Vol. 7 - The Final Adventure (dubbed)
I'm Gonna Be an Angel! 1 (brand new; never opened, dubbed)
I'm Gonna Be an Angel! 2 (brand new; never opened, dubbed)

DVD: $8 per DVD
(all American release dual language)
KO Beast Century #1
Cosplay Encylopedia
Love Hina #2
Devil Hunter Yohko Collection 1
Ranma 1/2: Ranma Forever Vol. 8 - Someday, Somehow

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Shipping is not included, but I am a pretty good judge on shipping. It usually never costs more than $4 (parcel post), and usually up to 4 or 5 items. Just contact me with what you would like, and I'll give you a sensible estimate.

If you are interested in anything, please comment with what you would like, and your address! If you would like to trade or make offers, feel free to do that too! ^.^
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Mostly Manga up for SALE (Other anime related goods as well)

These are $5 each...
Angel by Erica Sakurazawa
Boys Over Flowers vol. #1
Get Backers vol. #1
Inu Yasha vol. #1
Inu Yasha vol. #2
Inu Yasha vol. #3
Kare Kano vol. #1
Kare Kano vol. #2
Kodocha vol. #2
Kodocha vol. #4
Love Hina vol. #1
Magic Knight Rayearth vol. #4
Magic Knight Rayearth vol. #6
Oh, My Goddess! Ninja Master
Samurai Deeper Kyo vol. #1
Tokyo Mew Mew vol. #1
Wish vol. #1 (on hold)
W-Juliet vol. #2

Free with purchase...
Tokyopop 2002 Sampler
Kashikousen by Yamazaki Takako vol. 1 (Japanese language)
Chou Kuse ni Narisou by Nakano Yayoi vol. 1 (Japanese language)
Madonna ni Tsugu by Tamura Yumi vol. 1 (Japanese language)
Koi mo 2 me nara by Takasuka Yue vol. 1 (Japanese language)
Gundam Wing Episode Zero #1 Comic
Gundam Wing Episode Zero #5 Comic
Gundam Wing Episode Zero #8 Comic
Gundam Wing #2 Comic

Ayashi No Ceres vol. #1-#4 ($20)

Rurouni Kenshin ($10)

Ayashi No Ceres DVD vol. #1 ($10)
His and Her Circumstances DVD vol. #1 ($10)

and more at my website here:

Me - On the Moon

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Ebay links! My cellphone bill was a killer this month. Selling a few things to make up for it.

Inuyasa - Higurashi Kagome Costume, Starting Bid $30

Gravitation - Kumagoro Plushie, Starting Bid $18

Record of Lodoss War, Deedlit's Tale, Book 1: Choices Manga, Starting Bid $2

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Various Jrock, Jpop, Anime, Manga, etc.

Still trying to get rid of most of this stuff. **UNLESS THERE'S ALREADY A PRICE MAKE ME AN OFFER!**

Gloomy Bear Pink Roll-up Calculator (5"x4"x"1) Unrolled/Rolled

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Interested? I accept: PayPal (preferred; no credit cards!); checks; money orders; well-concealed cash (at your own risk). Sorry, I don't ship internationally and shipping will vary with your order so I'll give you a quote if you do buy something from me.
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The list has been updated with a couple things and some pictures. All emails have been answered.

As I mentioned before, if you will be at Katsucon, I will waive the shipping cost.

I'll also be bringing quite a few items with me to the con, so please look for me - likely in the artists' alley's (since there are two this year.)