February 17th, 2005

visual kei/jrock artwork for sale?

This isn't exactly the type of thing most people tend to sell here, so kindly let me know if I'm stepping over any boundaries at all.

I would like to sell this lovely 28"x36" (if I remember that correctly!) oil painting of Mana. (About half as tall as me, and I'm 5'2".) I'd like to ask for $200 for it, as that's what my art instructor suggested I sell it for, but I am most certainly willing to negotiate to a decent extent.

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I'd also like to offer smaller commissions to anyone else interested in visual kei/jrock/anime artwork ^^
Click me!! <3

Also, don't forget about my lovely anime sales XD
Me too!

  • sayaka

For Sale - Gackt Books!

I picked these up when I was in college in Japan. Now, I'm moving to the east coast (New Hampshire) for a job, and I just need money more than I need coffee table books :)

They're all in NEW condition, they were bought new and the only damage to anything having to do with the books is to the dustcovers.

$30 Tour Document Book - GACKT - "Requiem et Réminiscence" slight damage to dustjacket, a little bit crumpled but no tearing or holes, a little spot on top right corner from price tag
$35 Gackt Mizérable almost new condition, only one slight scuff to dustjacket on spine SOLD!
$35 Gackt - 素晴らしきかな人生 Photo Book (rare) Mint Condition, NEVER EVEN READ
PENDING $40 Gackt - For Dears Mint Condition STILL CONTAINS PUBLISHER'S POSTCARD, never even read


Shipping is free anywhere in the USA.


If I don't have a response by Febuary 20th they're going on ebay.

I take PAYPAL preferably, but other options are abvailable if ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.

Thanks ^_^;

Manga for Sale

I've got some manga and such that I don't really read/want, I thought what a better way than to just sell them to people who would want them more than I do.  If you have any questions please e-mail me at Elegant_BlueRose@hotmail.com I'm still not sure on how i want to do payment on everything. If you could just e-mail me and between you and I we will figure out payment and pretty much i can start to cross stuff off the list  <3


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  • coranne

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~I have Clover Vol. 1 and Kare Kano Vol. 3 up for sale/trade.

The Clover is in mint condition with the vellum cover, the Kare Kano is in great condition- just has a price sticker on it.

~Random Magazines:
-Anime Insider (January 05)- Big Clamp Article
-Smile (May 01)- Sailor Moon Stars, Peach Girl, Juline, and Clover
- Mixx magazines- Sailor Moon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Ice Blade, Parasyte, Harlem Beat
- Raijin Game and Anime January 03
- Animerica Magazines (March and January 04)
-Ranama 1/2 Comics (6 and 7)

Totally Random stuff, but if you want any of it let me know!

Looking for Sailor Moon Vol 4, 5 or artbooks- I will also take cash.

Anyone want to partake?