February 21st, 2005



Is anyone interest in this? This is brand NEW and never used, but I opened it. =P
This kit includes:
-three 60-minute compact discs with 40 lessons
-japanese coursebook
-japanese-english/english-japanese dictionary.

I want to sell this for $49 CDN ($40 USD) which already INCLUDES shipping. If anyone is interested, leave a message. ^^*
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Apologies To Those Waiting

AI-TEN is just finishing up a pretty rough spot: most of our staff was knocked out by Finals Week at Japanese University, then a holiday fell on one of our two regular weekly shipping days ("School Foundation Day" T_T; ), then tsurara was overloaded by a much-needed Obsession recruit drive.

We'd like to thank everyone for their patience in waiting a few days longer than usual for their items, email replies or photos of their doujinshi search results.

Today marks the beginning of a very long Spring Vacation for all at AI-TEN!! So we're working hard to get back in the swing of things ^_~/

Today also marks the end of our doujinshi search period. We will post the final results on the 22nd. So please check back then to claim your items.

Once again, We'd like to thank everyone for their support and patience!!

Beast Brut falling

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I am open to doing J-Rock or anime fanart paintings right now. These paintings can look anime and in the style of the original artists or I could make them look more realistic, based off of real models' poses. J-Rock paintings are usually from photos however, changes can be made.

Here are some samples of my work:
hide from X JAPAN
Uuuh, this guy. I think he's from Nightmare? Not sure xD
An example of anime-gone-semi-realistic - Sailor Cosmos
Another example of above - Sailor Mercury
A complete original work done with graphite
Mana in blue
Beast of Blood, done in two tones

I can't do every request made. If you have something in mind, whether it's from a photo or you want it to be a character in an original pose, please specify below.

The cost of paintings depend on size, but most importantly the amount of detail. A solid red skirt or a red plaid skirt are two different things. One person or a group of people are another as well. Feel free to post any pics you may have in mind. I'm available on MSN and AIM and also email. Let me know which method of contact you prefer so that we may discuss.

Thank you so much!