February 22nd, 2005

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So I'll be writing love letters for hire now. In Japanese. For each page it will be 5$. These will be REAL letters and not emails. I will even write fan letters in Japanese to celebrities if you give me their fanclub addresses.

Why am I doing this? I'm trying to raise money to help me survive in Japan when I go off to study abroad starting this July. I'm a single-parented child already up to her ass in college loans, and as we all know Tokyo is THE most expensive city on earth. I will be having a job there, of course, but it's really expensive before hand with all of the preperation and what not. I need to be able to balance having a job and school, and I honestly don't want to put anymore than I have on my family. Also this job sounded interesting, and I wanted to try it.

My qualifications? I am currently a third year Japanese 5 year BA/MA program major at UC Santa Barbara. I know approximately 600-800 kanji. I was on the Dean's List for all of the 2003-2004 school year. My GPA ranges around the 3.8-3.9 mark, depending on how I do each quarter. My cumulative language GPA is 3.95.

Sample letter:

Turnaround time: it really depends on how many orders I get and how much time I have. I'm a student first and foremost, but I will make time to do these.

Interested? Leave a message with:
-What you want on your letter
-Who it's going to (for the address, please email me at usagiko at gmail.com)
Payment can be made here:

Me - On the Moon

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Record of Lodoss War Manga $2, ends tomorrow - Please help me get rid of this thing.

Also, my Kumagoro auction was ended because its a copyright violation, apparently. No more ebaying of Gravitation cosplay, I guess. If you'd like this handsome plush Kumagoro, he's just $25 shipping anywhere in the US included. That bumps up to $30 for international orders. I'm willing to do Paypal or money order, provided the money order is in USD. I've had trouble lately with Canadian money orders being virtually uncashable in the US.
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For those lucky people living near a place where they can buy imported books and magazines, I have a question - would anyone be willing to buy a copy of Newtype March 2005 and send it to me? If so, could you quote a price to me? I live in Austin, Texas. And I'd like to spend $15 or less, but if that's unreasonable, just let me know. ^^

Or - if anyone could just suggest a place to buy it online, that'd work too!

Mini Me!
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I'll miss you winter!!!!!

Getting ready for Spring at GAIJIN GEISHA! Kicking off with a One of a kind kanzashi update!!! Probably going to be the last one for while, so check it out, hope you like e,!!

Also LAST WEEK FOR WINTER DESIGNS!!!!! Next week all the winter designs are coming down off the site, so no more..

Poof-Chan Bangles
Tiny Acorn Hoodies
Undefeated Champion Reglans
or Monster Stoles

I still have 10% off these winter items running till they come down, just type in the coupon code byewinter in the checkout for your discount.

Click the pic to go see!
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Kenshin SJ English Manga's Vol's 1-3
Are in near semi-mint shape I'm asking $12.00 for all 3 of them.

Real Bout High School Samurai Girl R1 DVD Boxset:
USA Total with shipping: $37.00
Canada Total with shipping: $43.00

DVD-Kai Doh Maru R1 Ova: 6.00

Peacemaker Vol. 1 DVD R1 and Boxset $15.00(shipping to us 5.00)

DVD- R1 Shrine of the Morning Mist 10.00

DVD- R1 Dracula 2000: 10.00

DVD-R1 Kim Possible: The Secret Files 5.00

DVD-Perfect Collection:(HK english audio!)FUSHIGI YUUGI; THE MYSTERIOUS PLAY(EP'S 27-52)
Total with shipping US: 20.00
Canada Total with shipping: 25.00

Sailor Moon SS UFO: BSM-92: http://senshineko.com/anime/plush.htm
(missing tag, but has tush tag) $7.00
Shipping to us: $3.50
Canada: 5.00(slug mail 2-3 weeks), $8.50(GBM 3-5 days)

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secret promises

Cheap Anime/Manga Style Commissions

Hiya^^ I am currently doing commissions to pay for my adventure to Otakon 2005! I generally work pretty cheap and do primarily anime style. I am willing to do fanart, original characters, or real people. But like I said, I mostly do anime/manga style. I am %100 willing to send all hard copies of work to buyer unless it is CGed.

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If you are interested you can contact me through email: suicideisrain@yahoo.com or AIM: Wrath in Lieu or just post here! ^^; CURRENTLY MY E-MAIL IS OFFLINE, PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE HERE.

**Special Offer**

Buy me this hat or this one and I will make you any one picture! (Plus money for shipping.) Please tell me first though just in case some one else already did. o_o;; Other ones I like from K-Kaps is the blue kitty hat and the persocom headband. This offer is ideal for someone who wants a group shot and does not want to pay the full price! ^^ (Oh and if you order a hat, please make it medium with earflaps. <333 )

3" Singles Requests

Hey everyone!!

There's a Japanese book store near me that sells JPop (and I think JRock) 3" Singles (mini disc singles).

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This store is a small family owned business, and its mainly a book store. There's maybe 100 or so 3" singles there, and its anyone's guess as to what's there. I am offering a chance for you to make requests for me to find certain singles. You can request by anything by an artist or a specific single. If the artist usually writes their name in Japanese (kanji and or kana), PLEASE include a picture file of how their name is written, since I cannot read kanji (a picture file, my computer doesn't support Japanese text).

I will charge $5 USD for people in the US and $6 USD for those in Canada, for each single. These prices include shipping. If you buy a multiple ammount, I will try to take some dollars off the final price. I can only accept well-concealed cash at this time, gomen.