February 23rd, 2005


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Anyone selling any copies of Ribon? I want to have all of 2001. I need a bunch of volumes... 1,2,7,8,9,10, and 11 perferably with their furoku. Actually all I really want is the mag and the Gals furoku. I am interested in buying gals furoku on it's own too... or any furoku... I just love this stuff now. If you know of any sites that sell furoku let me know.

Last time I try before giving up for a while >

Let's try this again -.-

so here's what I've got so far.. it's all cards for right now until i can post pictures of other stuff ><

The best I've found I can do is put the link, and then let you follow if you like..

Right now they're all in plastic sheets and in a binder, all are in grand condition and any with a little sticker (they're stupid but the only ones I had small enough ><) on the bottom left corner of the card I have more than one of..

Card Captor Sakura Cards:


Dot Hack:

Flame Of Recca

Initial D



Light Magic (this is a japanese card game I got from Anime Expo last year):

Sailor Moon:


The first 2 people to buy the Card Captro Sakura cards will get the instruction manual for the card game if they want it.

The first person to buy teh Dot Hack games can have teh playing field thing if they want it.

I also have 4 yu-gi-oh cards:
White Magical Hat
Master Kyonshee

And I have two card holders.. um.. books I suppose..:

The one that says Anime has 22pages and will hold 4 cards per page, so either 88 or 176 if front and back.

The smaller,, Digimon, has 20 pages with two pockets instead of four and will hold 40 cards, or 80 front and back.

I also have four necklaces that i want to get rid of >< the pictures are bad, but that's ebcause I put them on my scanner, so hopefully I didn't ruin it that way.. o.O:

Also, last thing: I have card protectors, the ones that hold a single card, if you want those, I'll send them with an order for the same amount of cards purchased, for free. I got them from others and I don't want them XD

Make me an offer, and have a great day ^^
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Hey man!I am JIDE from China.

Emm,I want to show my support to Taiji,Luna Sea and Dead end.To buy their goods here.http://www.mandrakeroot.co.jp/english/
What a pity,they don't accept credit card.
And in china we cannot send RMB oversea.
They accept Cash(only Japanese Yen) registered mail.
But we cannot change our money to forign cash.(b'cos of the political reasons)
X.x  I have RMB only~~~~~

What shoul I do now?(tears)

I have no idea...I decide to sell some J-rock goods of mine.
If anybody want to buy,please send Cash(Japanese Yen,HK$,US$and Euro$) registered mail.
I have never sold any goods before,I don't know the rule about the price...>m<

My J-rock&Anime goods:
(Both of the goods without Postage,If you want to buy,you should also pay for the postage.Any question,please ask me!!Thank you!my email:psychommunity2003@yahoo.com)

1.Atoshi Hashimoto-'R&R$-trip vol.1' 1000yen
97.2.21 used mini album
98.11.26 8cm Single with special poster case 100%new
3.Baroque-'ila' 1500yen
(single+DVD) 99%new
4.Dir-en-Grey 'KAI' 2000yen
01.8.22 1st Remix Album used
5.Gackt-'Vanilla' 400yen
99.8.11 I am so careless to lost the case.
6.Glay-'Heavy Gauge'(Digital Audio Stereo Verson) 2000yen
(3036-0001-2) 99%new
7.Je*Reviens 朝もやの中で……(VHS) 2800yen
99.9.22 99%new
8.Kawamura Ryuichi-'Sugar Lady' 400yen
02.4.24 Japanese Promotional Tape used
9.Kokia-'yume_ga_chikara' 1000yen
04.6.23 sigle(sample-3 songs in) 99%new
10.Laputa-'Heaven' 3000yen
(Special case and photobook in) used
11.Media-Youth 'Song for scar people' 1200yen
98.6.10 special single(Media-Youth from yoshiki's EXTASY.guitarist-Kiyoshi) 99%new
12.Noir Fleurir-'Millennium~黑き華の千年期' 3500yen
1000枚完全限定 Special CD+Goods 99%new
13.R.E.D. 'Human' 1050yen
98.11.25(The Flare's Yuna' s single,3 songs in!With special photos&case)100%new
14.Sex Machineguns-'世道レGOOD VIBRARION 500yen
02.8.7 single used
15.Sophia 1999(live album) 800yen
00.1.1 used
16.大瀧 純(Bassist of Penicillin)-'Loved Out' 2800yen
98.2.25 his 1st solo album with 32 pages special lyrics book 99.9%new
17.Animation Drama CD
AOMOHIDEPOROPORO(宮崎駿produce-work of Giburi)(Cast:今井美樹、柳葉敏郎)
2CD with sticker 99%New Special price 2000yen!!
18.Lolita Stocking(b&w streak) 600yen
(foot size 23cm~26cm) 100%new!!!!!! (I bought it the before yesterday...)

if you cannot see the picture,click here:




i am looking for gloomy bear stuff.

the actual bear. (any color)
pens, stationary.


show me what you got.

my trading list(things i can trade for gloomy bear stuff!)
digi charat rabi~en~rose plush, petite charat, and piyiko.

michiru & haruka plushies. haruka is a long slim doll-plush, and michiru is
fat like the regular plushies. both in sailor suits.

tuxedo kamen mask doll first season, brand new with tags from japan.

i also have a sailor moon shirt, youth large.
panic attack!

Battle Royale.

got some battle royale books for sale.
larger pictures/sample pages are available on request
make an offer! the description arent in the same order as the picture o_o

Battle Royale Complete Guidebook
The best of the available reference material, with lots of color pictures and illustrations. Pictures and interviews of the stars, profiles of the characters, a timeline, design concepts, and a copy of the script (in Japanese).

Battle Royale
The original novel (in Japanese)

BR -> BRII Complete Guidebook
like the Complete Guidebook released in conjunction with the first movie, this book will be a colorful visual "full report" on the sequel, PLUS updates on members of the original cast (In Japanese).

Battle Royale II Variations
A novella filling in the gaps between BR and BRII and taking us well into the sequel's events, seen through Shiori Kitano's eyes. Also includes a "Data File" with profiles of the students and a map of Wild Seven's island. The Data file has pictures of each student and their weapons. (in Japanese).

The Road to BRII
A behind-the-scenes photo book closely following the production from rehearsal to the beginning of photography to location shoots to the wrap of the production. Photobook-like. Many photos! Comes with OBI. (in Japanese)

Shuya Nanahara x Shikanotoride Jr. High Class 3-B
An "ultimate visual Bible" and companion DVD complete with photographs from the movie, messages from and profiles of the cast, and images not found anywhere else. (in Japanese)

Battle Royale
The translation of the original novel (in English)

Battle Royale Manga
vol 1-2 4-9(sealed)
Manga version of Battle Royale. Pretty good and graphic stuff. (in English)
Sonic The Hedgehog

Goodies for sale!

I'm selling off some stuff from my collection

Collapse )

You can check out my feedback on my Ebay Page
I accept paypal, money orders, cashier check, and well concealed cash
I do Priority Mail and First class if requested. Airmail for Interntional bidders too

Please Note: if you order posters/wallscrolls with other items, I will have to charge you for two seperate shipments.

feel free to leave comments or email me at: liltichan@animeish.com
Thanks for looking!

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hi! i just wanted to say that all of you who bought from me should recieve items very very very soon (l'arc cds, chiaki kuriyama magazines, and doll comics).

i recently got a set of the clamp north and south side comic books by tokyo pop. they are originally 29.99 a piece, but i was wondering if anyone is interested? make a reasonable offer please! any questions, just ask away, they are new condition.
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Hi again people! ^^

I have sold my first commission, and you know what that means... another slot is open! ^^

To see the commission go here: http://img25.exs.cx/img25/5341/commission0ce.jpg

If you are interested, please go to this post: http://www.livejournal.com/community/garagesalejapan/628453.html

I also have this Nyanko Burger Stationary for sale if anyone is interested:
$4.20 (Price on the package [420 yen])
It's brand new and never opened..also very cute!!! I got it when I went to Japan but had no use for it.
It has: Stickers, 4 different kinds of envelopes, and a couple different kinds of paper. (This is what I can gather from not opening it)
(two of the pictures are cut off because I didn't want my hand in the picture -_-;;)

Pending to asocialdevice