February 24th, 2005

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I'm selling:

Sailor Moon cards (some of which are sticker cards)
plastic sheet card holders/protectors
a Rurouni Kenshin pencil bag
and a few more things.

Post if you're interested! I have pictures of everything.

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I'm looking for the following manga:

Fushigi Yugi (1st edition): volume 9
Inu Yasha (1st edition): volumes 3-12

I would be paying via PayPal, and I am located in Europe.
Please comment or e-mail (festerlove@mymelody.com) if you are willing to sell any of those. Thank you!
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Bought right in Japan! Only viewed once! In perfect condition! (Also very smexy X3) Region Free!

Features the songs OASIS(with burlap sack and everything! XD), U+K(people in animal suits start dancing on the stage ^.^), Vanilla(he does naughty things ^^;;) and many others! And it also has commentary by Gackt himself!

The price on the box is 5,800 Yen but I am willing to settle for $30 since the plastic has been removed. Shipping: $4
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Pending to hailgreatmoloch ^^

And as always, my commission status is open!^^;

Re: 3" Singles

WOW you guys. I gotta say, I am SORRY!! I went to the book store today, and they had even less than they did before! It made me really sad. And most of you wanted GLAY, they didnt have ONE GLAY Cd ;.; In fact, they didn't have anything I was looking for ;.; I think they only get what they can, and thats like the last pickings XD

I did buy a few that I thought maybe someone out here would be interested in. Actual artists that I HAVE heard of.

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Just a couple of items

Don't have much, but here are a few items I'm selling. Please name a price! I'm willing to take offers, because I need to clear out space before I head over to Japan.

Kino's Journey DVD 1 R1 (can include artbox for a bit extra)


*Shonen Jump vol.1-24 [translated]
*West End manga (Aoi Futaba, manga-ka of Level C) complete set vol.1-8 [untranslated]
*Skyscrapers of Oz (Row Takakura) [translated]
*Wishes (Noriko Hashiba) [untranslated]

Scanlated samples of each of the manga books can be given by request. Yaoi manga, Gackt, and GetBackers DVD 2+ will be considered for trade!. Shipping is determined on what you buy (but it probably won't be more than $3). Set your own price and I'll get back to you. Thanks for looking!
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I'm new! And I'm Selling Stuff! (now with pics!)

No way!
since I am in a DIRE NEED for money... I have decided to sell:
Lareine Fanclub magazine.
There's only one!! It's "Fleur chapitre cinq hiver. 1999" it has their fuyu tokyo look on the cover.

I am ALSO selling... dundundun!

I'm only keeping one, I have 3(or 4?) for sale. They're not that graphic, I'll just say that.



BUT I did find a great doujin shop, so...^.^

SUGIZO: Truth? CD(digipack is a little beat up, but cd is a B rank)

and his book, A Prayer I (A rank)

and: YATTA cd (bought on impulse, case rank:B- cd rank:B-)<--I looked at the cd more closely. It's pretty good condition^.^

Make an offer ^.^
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Gomen nasai

Again, I want to apologize for not being able to find any of the singles you guys requested, I really feel bad about it ;.;

But here, I am selling the few I did pick up today, and my other ones that I have. I've only listened to them a little bit, then they've been sitting on the shelf, so I hope someone else can get better use out of them.

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(no subject)

*note: If you've bought from me, your items have already been mailed. I hope everyone has gotten their items safely ^^'

Fools Mate - March 2005 - Gackt cover $12 - New condition.
Contains a large and very nice Valentines -ish photoshoot with Gackt, a shoot with MIYAVI in a swimming pool, also Psycho le Cemu, Gazette, Mana, baroque, mucc, Kagrra, etc.
(the Pierrot & Plastic Tree pages have been removed however.)

UV - 100th Issue Anniversary Issue. Gackt Cover - $15
Includes a 2 page Gackt/Kiyoharu folded poster. (creased at the top) Does not include the large Gackt poster featured at bottom of j-xyz page.

Kagerou CD singles: $10 each - new condition:
Iromegane to Scandal & Jikasei Full Course
on hold?

Games & Anime dvds
Weiss Kreuz - Music Video Collection DVD - $12 or best offer - All Region.
Contains 4 original music videos, plus the opening and ending music videos for the first season, and a video message. Theres a Schu x Aya scene in one of the original videos

Galerians 2 for Playstation 2: US version $11 - Like new
Phantom Brave Strategy Guide: New condition, $11
Magical Nurse Witch Komugi - Volume 2 DVD : $15 - new - Region 1
Tea Society of a Witch - (Mild dating sim game DVD, comes with autographed artbook) $12

Fruits Basket, Volumes 1, 2, & 3 - English $5 each - New condition sold

Angel Sanctuary - Japanese - $4 each, like-new condition with cover sleeves.
Volumes 6, 8, 9 & 15 for sale.

'mini' Hana to Yume 2003 Calendar: offer? (This was the bonus gift with an issue ) - ask for pics

Pencil Boards: offer price & ask for pics;
[2] "God Child" Boards - hard to find. (from Hana to Yume)
Weiss Kreuz Ken board & a mini Hatsuharu board (from Fruits Basket)
Weiss Kreuz Doujinshi Stationery
I accept Money Orders, US Cash and PayPal only.
Will ship internationally, items are in the US. Will offer First Class and Priority S/H.
Please comment to claim/ask a Question. :} thanks.
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(no subject)

Hey everyone. I'm new here..and I guess I was wondering if anyone had Dir en Grey's vulgar for sale. My friend burned me a copy and it's skipping >.< I get paid on Monday so it's all good if one of you does have it for sale. I was also looking for Gauze, but I figure since they don't make them anymore that you guys would hold on to it. Thanks in advance.

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