February 27th, 2005

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Money is tight this month, so I am selling off a few random things (and I do mean random):

Gackt Mars Album Limited Box Set CD
Brand new, never opened or played.
Includes 20-page Color book. 12 Tracks
--$15 or best offer

Japanese Manga (Text in Japanese):

Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) Movie Manga
by Saitou Chiho
Brand New

LaPlace's Angel 4 - (Mild Boy Love/shounen ai Published by Chara)
by Karikawa Seyu
Brand New

Lumen Lunae 2, 3
by Ookami Mineko
--$3 each

Mars 12
by Souryou Fuyumi

W Juliet 14
by Emura

Gravitation 4

Paypal, money order, or cash at your own risk.
Shipping is $2 + $1 per extra item.
I will take best offers
Please comment with offers or questions.
Thank you!

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Magazines for sale that I've been collecting for a few years.

Hana to Yume: $3 per issue

       2003: numbers 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 23

       2004: numbers 1, 3, 4, 13, 14

Zero Sum: $5 per issue

       2003: 3, 6

       2004: 1, 2

Wings: $4 per issue

      2003: 4, 6, 7, 9

      2004: 1, 2, 11

Asuka: $3 per issue

     2003: 2, 3, 4, 5, 11

     2004: 8, 11


Fruits Basket runs in HanaYume and the older issues I'm selling even have Yami no Matsuei, plus Count Cain. DNAngel, X, Gohou Drug, Harlem Beat, etc, run in Asuka. Saiyuki runs in Zero Sum and Wings runs Dragon Knights as well as others.

Shipping is $4 for first one and $1 for additional. Paypal and money order for payment. Email me at yumemi@comcast.net if you want to know about specific issues. NONE of these magazines come with the freebie items.


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first time posting. I'm in need of money >< I recently posted my things on sale at soompi.com, so if anyone is interested in buying one of my things you can check them out there.

Click :

there are manga,dvd,cd,stationary,hairpins,bags,ect. ^^

since you have to be a member to post replys there if your interested you can post replies here. >< ありがとう~

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New things I'm selling this week:

Paradise kiss (purple covers) 1: $5
Level-C 1-3: $5

TM Revolution/Nami Tamaki DVD sampler: $3

These cds:

Black Biscuits Stamina single $2
Boowy "Last Gigs" Live CD. $15
B'z Fireball (single, not album) $3
Cali=gari Dai 2 Jikkenshitu $25
Camino Arise $15
Chisato Moritaka Futari wa Koibito $3
Chonankan Ai no Uta $10
Danger Gang Danger Gang Theme/Pistol $5
Dasein Hyper Beat Rock $25
Eins:Vier Walk $15
Eve Swear $10
Harisu Liar $8
Harisu Temptation $8
H.O.T 5th $10
Kagerou Kakokei Shinjitsu $14
Kishidan 1/6 Lonely Night $25
L'luvia L'luvialbum $25
Malice Mizer Shiroi Hada ni Kuru Ai to Kanashimi no Rondo CASE ONLY. $3
Mira Vills Living Will demo cd. $5
Puffy Circuit no Musume $3
Puffy Puffy de Rumba $3
Rouage Children $20
Sex Machineguns Barbe-que Michael $20
Sharan Q Gyanburaa (Gambler) $8
Sharan Q Rostaimu (Lost Time?) $7
Shazna Sophia $10
Sleep my Dear Phi $14
Shonen Knife Birds and the B-sides $5
Tokio Julia single $2
Varia (uhh...album) $15

(okay well that's more than what I've uploaded this week...that's all my cds I'm selling)

Emeraldas and Harlock action figure lot which looks like this, click here.: $10

For complete descriptions of all items, please go to my page:


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Dir en grey VULGAR First Press CD, DVD, Stickers

I've got Dir en grey's 2003 album VULGAR up for auction on eBAY right now.

It's HERE~!.

Its the original first press special edition that came with the OBSCURE DVD, and still has the little sticker set with it.

I hope it can make some Dir en grey fan happy, cause it just didn't do it for me. :/
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please buy these! will give discount if you buy more than 2

Cd albums $15 each
Ai - 2004 A.I
Hitomi - Huma Rhythm (first press)
Hitomi - H
Boa - Valenti + DVD
Crystal Kay - CK5
Soulhead - Reflection (2cds)

CD singles $4 each
Soulhead - Lover, Knight, Man
Crystal Kay - Girl U
Crystal Kay - Candy
hyde - evergreen (first press)
hyde - shallow sleep (first press)
hyde - angel's tale (first press)

shipping to US/CANADA is $5.50 for packages under 300g (usually 3 normal sized CDs). I accept paypal and concealed cash in yen/usd/cad!

selling manga-ness!

xx; I'm desperately trying to get rid of this stuff.. xo; so if you want it o.o, don't hesitate to ask! As for price xx;, anything floats my boat..respecitvely. I won't accept anything under five dollars though o.o; and, if you live far away from me then I might charge shipping too o.o;;   the list. if you want to buy anything IM me at motherISsister, or email me at speedfreak.baby.rocketdive@gmail.com! o.o;


Vintage: Pretty in pink [different_icons

Manga auctions on Ebay

My friends and I have several manga auctions on ebay, with almost new books starting at around $4 a piece. Take a look!

Kare Kano vol. 7 - 11 here

Volume 1 of five series: Tokyo Babylon, Chobits, Sensual Phrase, Mars, & Marmalade Boy here

Card Captor Sakura vol. 1, Pretear vol. 1, Aria vol. 1, and B.B. Explosion vol. 1 & 2 here

Saiyuki vol. 2 -4 & Sensual Phrase vol. 1 & 2 here

CLAMP lot: Tokyo Babylon vol. 1 - 3, Legend of Chun Hyang, and Miyuki-chan in Wonderland here

All books are in English and are in like new condition.

added more

Okay I have some mangas for sale they will be $7 flat s&h included. . . US residents only right now (sorry) these are english mangas and all are in mint to new plus some other stuff I take, cash..check..money order .. or paypal (preferred) also if you buy up to 6 books you get one free and if you buy up to three books you will get a gift. If you buy three dvd sets or more you get a free book as well.
Manga- (all english)
Alice 19th 1-2
Doll 2-3
Peace Maker
Excel Saga 4
Samurai Deeper Kyo 2-6
Descendents of Darkness 1-2
Instant Teen
Mermaid Saga
Prince of Tennis 1
Gravitation vol 6
GTO 1-6
Naruto 1-2
Cowboy Bebop 1-3 Shooting Star 1-2
Chobits 1-8
Samurai Girl Real Bout High 1,3-6
Rurouni Kenshin 3
Ranma 1/2 1-3

Japanese fan books -$12ea.(or buy both for $20)
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Peace Maker
Angel Sanctuary ($3 or free with 2 dvd purchases)

English manga $10 (buy 3 for $25)
Fushigi Yuugi 1-2
Inuyasha vol.12
3x3 eyes 1-3

DVDS (r1)-$10 ea shipping total not included!

Witch Hunter Robin 1-4 (box will be $5 extra)
8 clouds rising
Gravitation 4 dvds with box ($55)

HK dvds- $12 a set (shipping is 3.85 for the first set and $2 each additional)

these are dual audio language eng/jap and the entire series

Ai yori Aoishi-Enishi
Samurai Deeper Kyo
X 1999
Gunparade March
Kare Kano
Prince of Tennis seasons 1-3 (12 each or $30 all)
Shamanic Princess
GTO (1-49(end)) ($16)

I will only hold items for no more than 1 1/2 weeks...serious buyers only please if interested comment or email: sensei_x1999@yahoo.com

If you want to trade I will only trade with US residents right now and only for the following:
Level C
Legal Drug
Paradise Kiss
Vampire Game
Only the ring finger knows
Selfish Love 2 &up
INVU 4&up
Until the Full Moon 2
Instant Teen 2&up
Gravitation 10 & up
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More additions...

Region 1 anime DVD:
Pilot Candidate - Working Together (Vol. 3) - $8
Excel Saga Vol. 1 - $7
Fruits Basket vol. 1- $8 (has a crack on the bottom of the case)

English manga:
Wish Vol. 1- Collecters edition w/slip cover- $5
Fruits Basket Vol. 5 and 6 (Excellent condition) - $6 each

Other manga:
These manga have my name written on the inside cover in pen. Sorry :\.
$4 each (unless otherwise noted):
Candidate for Goddess- Vol. 1
Cardcaptor Sakura- Vol. 7-10
Demon Diary- Vol. 1-5
Digimon- Vol. 1-2
Digimon Seasion 02- Vol. 1
Dragon Knights- Vol. 2
Fruits Basket Vol. 1-4
Inu-Yasha- Vol. 11 (old big version) ($6)
Juvenile Orion- Vol. 1
Ragnarok- Vol. 1
Rave Master- Vol. 1
The Ring- Vol. 1 ($5)

Hong Kong DVD (Japanese dialogue, English and Chinese subtitles):
Wolf's Rain Box set (Episodes 1-26, dvds never watched)- $30
Gundam Seed Vol. 1 (Eps 1-4) $7
Shaman King complete series (9 DVDs): $45
Saiyuki Reload Vol. 1 (Eps 1-8) $8
DNAngel Vol. 1 (Eps 1-8) - $6
DNAngel Vol. 2 - (eps 9-17) - $7
Getbackers (Entire series) - $30

Fushigi Yugi Vol.7 VHS (dubbed)- $4

Plushies: (from non-smoking home)
Sesshoumaru- $8
Kuro Neko- $5

Kuro neko purse/bag: $10

Newtype magazine 12/04- New with all inserts (flipped through once) - $9

Shipping to US:
1-4 DVD/Manga: $4
5-8 DVD/Manga: $8
Other: ask me

I accept paypal and concealed cash only. I PREFER PAYPAL.
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Bunch of stuff

Extreamly long list so I tucked it behind a cut. I accept postal money order, check (wait for it to clear), cash, and Paypal but you cover the fee. Prices are negotable, of course. Many of these things I just want the space back...Collapse )